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Homeschool Omnibus for Curriculum Choices

Find just what you need for your homeschool with Homeschool Omnibus for curriculum choices!
iHomeschool Network's 4th annual Omnibus sale • the original homeschool bundle

What is the Homeschool Omnibus?

  • 124 total resources: 47 MP3s and 77 books
  • from 100 speakers/authors
  • for homeschoolers by homeschoolers
  • total value is $754
  • cost is $25 (with $9 DVD add-on)
  • cost is just 3% of the value
  • PDFs also come in Kindle/mobi format (where appropriate)
  • sale runs from August 3-9, 2015, specifically 12:01 AM Eastern Time, August 3 to 11:59 PM Pacific Time August 9.

Omnibus 2015 Catalog

What is Included in Homeschool Omnibus?

Take a look at the full list in the digital catalog and see what might bless your homeschool.

Includes Homeschool ebooks from The Curriculum Choice authors!

Eva VargaEcology Explorations – This 10-week science curriculum includes 20+ activities and lesson plans to explore your local ecosystems via collecting data and experiencing firsthand the physical factors that influence the animal and plant communities Background knowledge, notebooking pages, and suggestions for extension activities are included.

Adelien Tandian – (all of these!) Language Arts Notebooking Pages and Graphic Organizers, 100+ Notebooking Page Templates, Basic Science Notebooking Pages and Graphic Organizers, Geography Notebooking Pages and Graphic Organizers.

Megan ZechmanHomeschool Transitions from Elementary to Middle to High School (MP3) – As a homeschooling parent, are you afraid of what comes after the elementary years? Don’t be! Join Megan as she shares why schooling her older kids at home wasn’t as scary as she first thought and is even, dare she say, fun. She helps you think differently about schooling teens while sharing practical tips for making these transitions smooth for your family.
iHomeschool Network's 4th annual Omnibus sale • the original homeschool bundle

Cindy WestLoving Living Math MP3 – Whether you’re hoping to ease the whining, add new math lessons to the regular textbook schedule, or overhaul your entire math curriculum, this audio workshop will inspire you as you hear how to add real math lessons that make sense to your child and restore an enjoyment of this too often frustrating school subject.

and Project-Based Learning in the Middle and High School Years (MP3) – Learn how to turn any lesson, chapter, thematic study, interest-based study, or student-led course into a project or series of projects that will help your middle and high school students become immersed in their learning and produce “test” results that won’t soon be forgotten.

Kyle McVayPlanning Your Best Homeschool Year – If you have homeschooled for more than a year then you have experienced what I’ll call an unproductive homeschool year. An unproductive year is usually because of failure to plan well. This book walks you through the process planning your homeschool year for productivity.

Tricia HodgesGetting Started in Chalk Pastel Art – Why chalk pastels? How in the world to get started in art? All our best tips in one place with art tutorials – for a great start!

and Sharks Chalk Pastel Art for All Ages – For beginning or continuing art lessons in the chalk pastel medium. With a wide variety of sharks to create! Think you are not an artist? As Nana would say, “You ARE an artist!” Chalk pastels are a wildly successful medium! If you have been wanting to add art to your days, now is the time with a fun topic!

Plus all of these titles that I noticed!

  • Dwane Thomas (of Compass Classroom!) – Practical Tips for Introducing Foreign Language (MP3)
  • Homeschooling 101 by Kris Bales
  • The Homeschool Planner by Jolanthe Erb
  • Homeschooling High School: It’s Not as Hard as You Think by Meredith Henning
  • Hope for the Heart of the Homeschool Mom: Encouragement for the Days When Sanity is Limited by Jamerrill Stewart


iHomeschool Network's 4th annual Omnibus sale • the original homeschool bundle

What you should know – the graphic above lets your know all the important dates!

The last several years I have been blessed to gather many resources that have helped our homeschool with all our ages. I think you will too!


Head over and get your copy of Homeschool Omnibus today! Because it goes away August 9th!


Latin Alive!

Quite some time ago now I was sent the Latin Alive! programme from Classical Academic Press. I was really excited to try out this programme because a certain young man decided that same week it was offered up that he really wanted to learn Latin.

Latin Alive! Review at The Curriculum ChoiceWhen the products arrived I actually started to get a little weak in the knees as I hadn’t realized the curriculum was geared towards children in grades 7 and up. We ended up moving shortly after the curriculum arrived. One thing led to another before I finally pulled the curriculum back off the shelf and gave it a thorough looking through and then tried it out.

My 11-year-old was greatly relieved to see me checking it out, because he was becoming quite anxious that the idea of Latin lessons was never going to happen. I wish I could tell you his deep desire to learn Latin was based on the fact that he’s so in love with the Ancient Roman way of life, or some other great and lovely thing, but truth be told he just wants to learn to speak Latin so he can talk about things no one else will understand. Yep. True story that one.

As a warning this review won’t be laid out in the similar fashion as my other reviews because with the curriculum being aimed for a student older then my own we haven’t not used this with our boy yet. I have, however, used it myself to get a great feel of how it works, how it’s laid out and the information inside.

As for the curriculum, despite my initial trepidation and fear I am totally in love with this curriculum! This curriculum is written specifically to the student. Now I know a lot of curriculum boasts being written to the student and they often are, but I think Latin Alive! has gone the extra mile here.

How so? For one thing, the entire curriculum is on DVD. Now I know curriculum on DVD is not anything knew, but Miss Moore, as we call her, comes on and walks the children through the entire lesson. She reads some portions word for word and other portions she summarizes – being sure to touch on every important aspect.

She explains how to say the words and does some of the hands on work with you demonstrating on her amazing white board! She encourages the children to look in the Teacher’s Edition for extra information and also to double check their answers.


Now here’s where I think this curriculum really shines forth in regards to being written for the student and encouraging self learning. The Teacher’s Book (TB) does not put the answers on every page, but rather puts them at the end of each chapter. Instead, on each page is extra information pertaining to things in the DVD lecture. I absolutely love that my child can open up the TB and look at the extra information mentioned without fearing he’ll see answers!

In fact, right from the very start of this programme with the Introduction segment of the DVD you can tell just how much effort was put into making this curriculum all about the student. Miss Moore has some great suggestions for using post-it notes in your book{s} to help you quickly find pronunciation keys if you need them in a flash. She even mentions how much of a lesson you should do in a sitting and how much time you should dedicate to your lessons as well. You absolutely should not skip that introduction!

The lessons are rich with Roman history, which is very very appealing to my child who, despite his own reasonings for doing Latin, is very much in love with the history of Ancient Rome. There’s even black and white pictures in the book of Ancient Roman artifacts, ruins, and more.

There are some famous Latin phrases kicking off each chapter too, all though they may only be more famous to people living within the USA. Either way, I know my children have heard a few and will love learning more!

There’s even a CD included with all the DVDs where you can hear the Latin text for each lesson read. I love this, how many times do you want to hear, again and again, how something was said to be sure you’ve got it right! In fact, as I sat there listening to the various readings from the CD I was reminded how in our studies of Ancient Rome Latin is often considered a poetic language. It was quiet easy to understand why.

I absolutely love this curriculum. I love that it’s designed for a student to stand up and teach themselves and that each item is set up for that exact purpose. Miss Moore even encourages the children to contact her if they get stuck, have questions, or simply want/need more information about what they are learning.

While Classical Academic Press will ship to those of us living overseas I want to also mention that Latin Alive is available through Book Depository as well; all though currently I think only the CDs/DVDs are available there for Books 1 & 2.


Back to Homeschool Sales

It’s the time of year we are all looking for those resources we’ll need for our homeschool. And the time of year we are especially looking for back to homeschool sales. We have many of those for you today!

Back to Homeschool Sales for You!

Remember, we are here to help make your homeschool decisions easy! All of the resources below have been reviewed here at The Curriculum Choice.

~ This post contains a few affiliate links. If you click on these and make a purchase, there is no additional cost to you but a small portion goes to support the work of this website. Thanks for that! Please see our disclosure policy.

A Plan in Place PlannersA Plan in Place – FREE shipping through 7/31/15 on all orders over $50! Read more about A Plan in Place here at The Curriculum Choice.

AmandaBennett.com Creativity and Imagination WeekAmandaBennett.com – A fun sale on unit studies that highlight creativity and imagination. Every child needs a chance to explore their artistic and creative skills, and enjoy the adventure! Music, Art and Kitchen Creations encourage these and they are on sale this week for only $5 each!

Apologia Super SetsApologia – Did you know about Apologia’s new super bundles? Head over and check them out. Everything you need for one year – all at a 25% discount. Simply do a search in that big search box above to view all our reviews of Apologia resources!

Compass Classroom
Compass Classroom makes video curriculum that’s fun for kids, smart for moms, and easy for everyone. Next week Compass Classroom will have up to 50% off curriculum! Watch for it August 5th-12th. Our reviews: Visual Latin, WordUp!, Economics and coming next week – a review of American History.

Crowe's Nest Media 25% Off SaleCrowe’s Nest Media – Backyard birds, butterflies and sign language! We love these family-friendly, high-quality, educational videos from our friends at Crowe’s Nest Media. Use code cchoice25 for 25% off everything! (excluding digital downloads). Our reviews of Crowe’s Nest Media resources: Your Backyard Birds and Your Backyard: The Life and Journey of the Amazing Monarch.

Curriculum Choice Website AdDover Publications for Homeschool – 25% off your purchase and featuring the brand new workbooks for homeschool by both Dover Publication and Education.com – Which Dover Publications will you add to your homeschool days? View all our reviews of Dover Publications.

Harmony Fine Arts PlansHarmony Fine Arts – 25% discount on any single year plans grades 1-8. The coupon can be used more than once! Just use code TCCSALE25 at check out through August 1, 2015. Read my review of Harmony Fine Arts.

Kindergarten Complete - Create a Love of Learning!Kindergarten Complete – 10% off all bundles! Simply use code BUNDLES at checkout from July 10-August 1st. Read more about Kindergarten Complete here. It truly contains everything you need for a complete kindergarten program.

Learn Math Fast BooksLearn Math Fast – Use code CURRCHOICE for $5 off any order until 8/31/15. “Are you looking for a math program that is written for all in a conversational tone, is easy to use, self directing, non consumable, tested and proven by homeschoolers to advance students several grade levels in one year? One that doesn’t mention grade level anywhere in the books and has all lessons, worksheets, tests, and answers included?” Read about how Learn Math Fast was an answer to prayer for us!

Slug cover jpegLearn Math Fast author JK Mergens has a brand new, free ebook for you as well! The Big, Ugly, Green Slug with Brown Spots is a heart warming story for children of all ages. Preschoolers will enjoy the pictures, elementary aged kids will love the story, and older kids will learn about hope, love, and Faith. Download the ebook here.

Moore Family Films – The Moore family is offering a generous discount for Curriculum Choice readers! Simply use code JULYCHOICE25 for a 25% discount on any order placed at Moore Family Films website through July 31, 2015. Read Kortney’s review of ABC Bible Memory and my review of More Than Making Maple Syrup.

YouAREanArtist-SaleYou ARE an Artist Sale! 25% off the whole store – including the You Are an Artist bundle of 10 art books. Art curriculum for ALL ages. Just add chalk pastels and paper (no long, expensive supply list!) With a wide range of topics, these tutorials can be used over and over again. Sale is from July 27th – August 1st and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Free HSLDA Membership  for Parents of PreschoolersP.S. Did you know that HSLDA offers FREE membership to parents of Preschoolers? Be sure to check out the details and if it applies to you – join! You might also enjoy Vicki Bentley’s article (or know someone who would!): So, You’re Switching to Homeschooling…Now What?

Is there a resource you are still wondering about that we can help you with? Use that big search box at the top our website. Or comment here. We are happy to help make your homeschool decisions easy!



Super Teacher Worksheets – A Review

If you are like me, you have spent many hours searching the internet for worksheets to help reinforce the skills your students are learning. With Super Teacher Worksheets, you can stop the endless search because they have just about anything you will need! Super Teacher Worksheets is a user-friendly, no-frills website without distraction, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.Super Teacher Worksheets Review by Heidi at The Curriculum Choice

Super Teacher Worksheets is an excellent website to find worksheets for a variety of subjects including spelling, reading comprehension, math, science, social studies, critical thinking, and more! This site is perfect for when your kids are struggling with a particular topic, need a little extra practice, or just for review.

A majority of the worksheets on the site are appropriate for kindergarten through sixth grade. Super Teacher Worksheets assigns a grade level and difficulty level to each of the worksheets on the site. Super Teacher Worksheets has not aligned with Common Core per se, meaning they are not changing their worksheets to align. They do, however, include a link next to each file that states which CC standards the particular worksheet meets.superTeacherHeader_resize

The worksheets have fun illustrations and download in seconds to a printable PDF file. Not only are there thousands of worksheets to choose from, there are tools available so you can create your own quizzes, word searches, flashcards, bingo games, and more!  In addition to the worksheets and great creation tools, there is a variety of lined paper templates to choose from.

While Super Teacher Worksheets offer some of their worksheets FREE if you want to access the full collection, you will pay $19.95 for a year subscription. Considering what most homeschoolers pay for supplemental workbooks, this is a good deal! Members can download and print any worksheet as much as they want on multiple computers! Members have access to a “Virtual file cabinet” for storing your favorite worksheets and the worksheets that you create using the available tools.goldseallarge

So, when you have finished making all of your curriculum choices for the upcoming school year, you may want to consider making Super Teacher Worksheets your supplement resource.

I received this curriculum in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any way for the time spent telling you about this resource. Read our full disclosure policy.

~ Written by Heidi S.


My high schooler loves Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and is often caught with the book at any time during the day or night. My homeschool mama heart is happy that he is loving science. And I am so pleased that his need for more scientific learning is being met.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry Review at The Curriculum ChoiceExploring Creation with Chemistry fits the needs of my science-oriented high schooler and promotes independent learning! Plus, this course is designed for success – with tips for the homeschool teacher and student along the way.

~Don’t miss the giveaway at the end! We received this Apologia Chemistry textbook and student notebook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we love the benefits and blessings we are continuing to see from this high school level study. Please see our disclosure policy.

Apologia Chemistry and Student Notebook ReviewWhy Apologia High School Chemistry?

A Creation-Based Chemistry Course. This course is Christ centered and God glorifying! Isn’t this the ultimate goal of all our studies? An appreciation and deeper knowledge of God!

“What do you see when you look at the periodic table of elements? At first glance, most students see so many scientific symbols that they become intimidated. But the periodic table is the essence of chemistry. The years of discovery and knowledge summarized in it make it unlike any other common science tool. From the galaxies in the universe to the tiniest microscopic cell, you experience the elements wherever you look!” ~Apologia Chemistry text

Everything you need is in the course – each module has the information to study, the questions to complete, experiments to perform and the test to take. This also includes the solutions to module questions and tests. There are even suggestions for how to grade the course – percentages to grade for tests and lab experiments.

Most of what you need for the experiments you can find at home or the grocery store. But there are “specialized materials (such as beakers and test tubes) that make the experiments much easier to perform.” There is a suggested laboratory equipment set available.

Apologia Chemistry Review at The Curriculum ChoiceWhat Does Apologia Chemistry Include?

Apologia Chemistry 3rd Edition was completely revised and updated in 2014 with improved photos, explanations and enhanced readability. (Translate: even this more language arts minded mama can read and enjoy this textbook!) As I mentioned in my review of Apologia Marine Biology, all of the Apologia high school courses help the student learn to study. The courses promote independent learning.

I love to hear the excitement in my son’s voice when he comes to me and tells me all about what he has been learning!

Included in Chemistry Text:

  • 16 modules (each module should take about two weeks to complete with one hour each school day devoted to studying chemistry.)
  • Own Your Own Questions in each module help reinforce concepts in the student’s mind.
  • Study Guide at the end of each module for review and test preparation
  • Bold print text for memorization
  • Quality images throughout (good for my visual learner) **3rd Edition was available in 2014
  • A special website to accompany the course
  • Glossary
  • Appendices
  • Experiments – designed to be completed as the student is reading the text

Apologia Chemistry ReviewList of Laboratory Equipment Needed


  • Measurement, Units, and the Scientific Method
  • Atoms and Molecules
  • Atomic Structure
  • Molecular Structure
  • Polyatomic Ions and Molecular Geometry
  • Changes in Matter and Chemical Reaction
  • Describing Chemical Reactions

How great are your works, Lord, how profound your thoughts! ~ Psalm 92:5

  • Stoichiometry
  • Acid-Base Chemistry
  • The Chemistry of Solutions
  • The Gas Phase
  • Energy, Heat and Temperature
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Reduction-Oxidation Reactions

Apologia Chemistry Student Notebook ReviewAlso Available – Student Notebook and More

Student Notebook – this is such wonderful tool for note taking, study practice for tests and for keeping record of experiments. In my opinion, this is an important key for success. A dedicated, preprinted notebook, detailing what the student needs to do. A schedule to follow and encouragement for note taking and independent research. I LOVE this thing! Now if we only had a pencil (with an eraser) handy all the time – we would be set!

Inside Chemistry Student NotebookWhen my son first opened his, he said, “Wow! This has all the ‘on your own’ and study questions – and a schedule for completing Chemistry in 34 weeks. This is great!”

“You should begin your study of chemistry by becoming familiar with your textbook and this notebook. The daily schedule breaks down each module into approximately two weeks of work. Check off each day as you complete the assigned work as a way of recording just how far you’ve come in your study of God’s creation.” ~ Chemistry Student Notebook

Additional Suggested Resources Available:

  • Chemistry Glassware Set
  • Optional Secondary Lab Set

Apologia Chemistry for Homeschool High SchoolWhat Age is Apologia Chemistry Designed For?

The Exploring Creation with Chemistry course is designed for older high school level students – those that have completed Biology and Algebra I. See the course sequencing on the Apologia website for more details.

What is required?

  • Text
  • Laboratory items
  • Lab journal (suggested)

How we use Apologia Chemistry in our HomeschoolHow We Use Apologia Chemistry in Our Homeschool

My high schooler reads the assignment and does independent research (often on the comfy family room couch, as pictured above). He answers the ‘On Your Own’ questions as he is reading each module. After completing a module, my high schooler completes the accompanying test. We usually plan these for a Friday afternoon.

“Well, it’s time to embark on the fascinating  journey of discovering just how amazing God’s creation is. Enjoy!” ~ Chemistry Student Notebook

Where Can You Find Apologia Chemistry?

Find each of the titles at the Apologia website. There you can browse all the titles, experiment materials, lab list, FAQs and more.

Apologia Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day Review www.thecurriculumchoice.comLooking for More Apologia Resources?

You might like my reviews of:

Now For the Giveaway!

Apologia is offering one (1) junior OR high school level text of your choice to a Curriculum Choice reader. The prize pack includes the hard cover Student Textbook, solutions manual, and the Student Notebook (if available for the course).

Simply follow the instructions in the rafflecopter widget below…
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Homeschooling for fifteen years now, Tricia faces a daily dose of chaos with five children from elementary to high school. She is author of art curriculum for all ages and helpful homeschool habits at Hodgepodge. She and her husband, Steve, are owners of Curriculum Choice.