Jotham’s Journey Trilogy of Advent Stories

Jotham’s Journey Trilogy of Advent Stories thumbnail

Do you know about the Jotham's Journey trilogy of advent stories? Yes, it is time to plan for advent season! I definitely wanted to be sure you knew about a series of read alouds we always enjoy during the Christmas season. Because Advent begins in just about a month! And because this fantastic trilogy blesses [...]


WordUp! Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots

WordUp! Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots thumbnail

You may remember our love of Visual Latin? Our high schoolers are using it for their foreign language credits. Well, now Compass Classroom, the makers of Visual Latin, has a fantastic, new resource for you. WordUp! The Vocab Show. ~Don’t miss the discount code at the end!! We received these Compass Classroom WordUp resources in [...]


American Kids in History Book Series

American Kids in History

I disliked history classes as a child because I struggled to memorize names and dates, but as a homeschool mom I discovered a love for history studies!  We enjoy immersing ourselves in the lives of the people living in different periods, and one way to keep our studies engaging and fun is by having a [...]


Promise and Deliverance by S.G. De Graaf

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It can be difficult to find a quality narrative Bible curriculum for teens and adults. The four volume Promise and Deliverance series by S.G. De Graaf, first published years ago, is still among the best. Many years ago Christianity Today called it “A landmark in interpreting the simple stories of the Bible” and that assessment [...]

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Dover Publications Science and Writing Resources for Homeschool thumbnail

This month we've found that Dover Publications adds the fun to homeschool science and writing! Would your children like to make a bouncy ball? Maybe build writing skills (and laugh!) with Create Your Own Story? Let me tell you more... ~Don’t miss the giveaway at the end!! We received these Dover Publications resources in exchange [...]


Pencil Starter Kit Review at The Curriculum Choice

Do your little ones struggle with handwriting?  Is it hard for them to hold a pencil comfortably?  Or do they grip it very tightly?  Learning to write shouldn't have to be a struggle.  There are so many ways we can help, and one of my favorite tools is the Starter Pencil Kit from Draw Your [...]