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Prufrock Press Logic Resources

Rather than focus on one product this time around, I’d like to highlight an entire area of products from one company.  Prufrock Press puts out super logic resources! I’ve had the pleasure of using five of their logic/critical thinking books for elementary children and would recommend them to anyone.

Logic Safari Books are leveled for 2nd/3rd, 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grades.  They include traditional logic puzzles that use clues and grids to answer questions like the following:

Four friends went to the barber shop and had their hair cut by four different barbers.  Use the clues and grid to determine which barber cut each friend’s hair.

I’ve used logic puzzlers such as these with my children since they were in the 1st grade.  My kids LOVE these.  We typically take one day a week during math time as a logic day.  Puzzlers like these are some of the resources I’ll use and they literally beg me for logic days.

The Logic Safari books are progressive in that they start out simply and move to harder puzzles within and throughout the books.  Black and white illustrations make the pages attractive to my children, while thorough, but uncomplicated explanations and clues are attractive to me.

You can see sample pages for each book by clicking on the graphic of your choice above.  At $8.95 each, I feel like these are a bargain!

Lollipop Logic for grades K-2 and Primarily Logic for grade 2-4 are critical thinking resources.  They provide worksheets that introduce and reinforce skills such as analogies, syllogisms, relationships, sequencing, deduction, inference, and others.

Again, the pages are clean and attractive to make these high-level thinking skills seem like fun.  You’ll be pleased with the connections your child makes and the excitement that these books produce.  These, too, are resources I might pull out on our logic days, and my children haven’t complained yet.

Again, you can find sample pages by clicking on the graphics above.  With 64 jam-packed pages, the price of $11.95 each is very fair!

Prufrock Press products focus on gifted learners.  Don’t let that scare you!  As homeschool teachers, we have the awesome opportunity to introduce our children to all sorts of studies one on one.  This means that what might be considered gifted in public schools will easily be grasped by our children simply because we get to sit with them and make sure they “get it”.  Another awesome opportunity we have is presenting our children with lessons on their level – no matter the age or “grade”.  If after looking at some of the sample pages, you feel like a particular book might be too hard – go down a level or two.  Who cares?  Don’t miss the chance to open your children’s eyes to the wonderful world of logic!

-Written by Cindy, an eclectically Charlotte Mason mom of 3.  You can find her blogging at Our Journey Westward and Shining Dawn Books.

Cindy (89 Posts)

The biggest reason Cindy chose to homeschool was because she loves experiencing life with her children and watching them grow inside and out. She's sure that’s why the Charlotte Mason method first caught her attention. It allows her to be creative in scheduling, rigorous in learning, yet opens the door for plenty of close-knit time, opportunities for her children to explore their interests and offers enough free time for them to be children. She implements many of Charlotte Mason's methods with an eclectic twist of things that work for her family! Besides writing on her blog, Our Journey Westward, you can find her NaturExplorers studies and other creative curricula at Shining Dawn Books.

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