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United States Symbols Mini-Lapbook

One of our favorite educational tools is lapbooking.  Whether we create the traditional lapbook in a file folder or put the pieces on cardstock in a notebook, we love recording the things we learn in a lapbook.  We have created our own lapbooks, found free lapbooks online, and bought lapbook files from several companies.

The newest lapbook my eight year old, Makayla, has completed is the United States Symbols Mini-Lapbook from Knowledge Box Central.  We chose this lapbook as a fun way to learn about some of our country’s symbols, and a possible jumping off point for more learning adventures.  A Mini-Lapbook fits inside one folder.

I love the way these lapbooks are laid out. The included Study Guide is laid out in nice, large font and includes all the information about each symbol in simple paragraph style.  There is a Student Instruction Guide that told my daughter which booklet to grab(they are numbered), the questions that she was to answer in the booklet, as well as how to assemble that booklet.  There is even a Layout page that shows the student one way to fit all the booklets into the file folder.

Booklets in this mini-lapbook cover the following:

  • The White House
  • The Pledge of Allegiance
  • The U.S. Flag
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The National Anthem
  • The Liberty Bell
  • The National Bird
  • and more!

It was neat to see my daughter mentally connect things we had learned in the past, as well as bring other questions to mind to explore.  For example, after learning basic facts about Independence Hall she wanted to hear more about the Declaration of Independence and why the colonists felt they needed to write it.  She remembered a favorite Schoolhouse Rock song, No More Kings, that tells some of the story, and off we were to listen to it again.

We both really enjoyed the United States Symbols Mini-Lapbook ($7.99) from Knowledge Box Central and can’t wait to start our next lapbook!  If you want to learn more about things we have enjoyed using in our homeschool you can read my other Curriculum Choice reviews.

Written by Tristan, mom to 5 going on 6 children, homeschooling through unit studies with a side of lapbooks.  You can visit her at her blog, Our Busy Homeschool.

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