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I have been using a fabulous Bible study tool called Journibles, The 17:18 Series. I have used it as a springboard for really digging into a Bible book and studying it deeply.

I wanted to share it here because I think that it could also work well for your high school students as part of their Bible study, and plan to have my son, who will begin his high school studies this fall choose a Journible of his own.

What is Journibles?

Sam's Noggin

It’s pretty simple-it is a book that has lightly written guides- to help you write the Scriptures as scribes once did. The mind behind this tool comes from the Bible:

And when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write for himself in a book a copy of this law, approved by the Levitical priests. Deuteronomy 17:18

Sam's Noggin

I love taking my time to write the Scriptures out- writing them is much slower than I would normally read, and I pick up so much more. I also feel the Scriptures that I write absorb in my mind, they feel more familiar when I go back and read again.

Journibles is a fabulous learning tool. All the pages to write are on the right hand side, with the left hand side reserved for notes, and a few prompts that you might like to use to help your study.

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Journibles are hardbound books, with sewn bindings and thick premium paper. They are meant to deepen your Bible knowledge as well as to leave a legacy.

You can learn more about Journibles from their website, and you can purchase available titles there as well. I purchased my copy from Amazon in January, but at the writing of this post the sale at Reformation Heritage Books is a better deal. You can find each title for under $13.00.

My only personal suggestion is to use my favorite pen, Frixion from Pilot. That way, if you make a mistake, you can easily erase it with friction. I use these pens for all of my homeschool planning as well.

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Sam is a Christian homeschooling mom of six, married to Rick, her high school sweetheart. Rick was called to be a preacher, Sam was called to homeschool, and loves blogging about their journey. Her family leans on the Charlotte Mason, literature-based side of eclectic home education. Sam is interested in Bible study, photography, exercise, organizing, and sweet tea. You can find her blogging over at Sam’s Noggin.

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  • Patty July 4, 2012, 7:00 am

    Hi! I love this idea! I am doing an online study group now on Proverbs that has this same method, but I would love to get into blogging, I just can’t find the time (or what to write about besides my kids and homeschooling) and then I am not sure anyone would be interested :) But anyway I would love to journal about my Bible readings, the study I do now is daily ( I never thought about blogging those) Do you read a chapter a week and blog on Wed. or how are you doing it? I thought that was what I was reading . Thanks!

    • Sam July 4, 2012, 4:25 pm

      I have a very detailed post on my blog about how I do my Bible study each day, here is the link if you want to check it out. I journal each day, and sometimes get through with more than a chapter a week, but right now I am sharing a chapter each Wednesday for my post. I am ahead of my blog.Let me know if you have other questions!

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