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10-20-30Go! Prayer, Reading, Chore System Review


I know, another chore system.  I thought the same thing.  Why would this be any different than the other chore systems that we have tried and abandoned over the years?

Why even bother with a chore system at all?

I was willing to give 10-20-30Go! a try because summer was quickly approaching in our home.  We were about to begin our summer schedule, and one of the areas that ends up getting ignored is the house. It’s nice, and needed, to have a more relaxed schedule for a few months, but a messy cluttered home tends to breed chaos and no one does well with chaos.  I was determined that this summer we were all going to have a bit of a break AND keep the house running smoothly.

How 10-20-30Go! Works

Once the parent sets up the chores for each child, each child is responsible for completing the chores for the day as well as 10 minutes of prayer and 20 minutes of quiet reading time.  I have opted to use the system for only my four oldest children.  I keep the cards hanging near the chore chart, easy access and good reminder.


At the end of the week, if all the check marks are on the card, then the child is eligible for an allowance. Now this is one area where I did some tweaking.  I know there is a big debate about whether or not to do an allowance, right now we choose not to give our children an allowance.  The system, however, has still worked for us, very well in fact.

What Makes 10-20-30Go! Different?

One of the things I liked about 10-20-30Go! right from the beginning is their tag line: Families Functioning Faithfully.  Who doesn’t wish that for all of our families?  I know I do!  I also like how prayer time and reading time are incorporated as part of the daily routine.  For any home to faithfully function, our children need to know that prayer time is important.  Not just family, group prayer, but individual prayer time as well.


Unlike most homeschooling families, I don’t have a home filled with voracious readers.  Oh how I wish I did, but God has given me reluctant readers for now.  Being accountable for 20 minutes of extra reading time has been good for my kids.

The Benefits of 10-20-30Go!

The benefits of 10-20-30Go! are easy:

  • The chore chart is easily accessible for all of the family members and easy for me to remember who has to do what.  At breakfast I can remind each child what chores he or she is responsible for for that particular day.
  • The prayer chart is a good reminder for all of us, encouraging the children to pray for one another.
  • The accountability cards are easy to use, for both me and the children

How to Purchase 10-20-30Go!

For more information about the 10-20-30Go! system and to purchase a system of your own, please visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.  Get ready to have your most organized summer yet!

~written by Jen

Jen Dunlap (16 Posts)

Jen blogs at Forever, For Always, No Matter What. She has one amazing husband and six eclectic kids. Stop in for a visit as she blogs about their Catholic faith, homeschooling and adoption, all while trying to fit in exercise and healthy eating.

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