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Overwhelmed: Victorious Living In the Midst of Financial Uncertainty

510myCUz1yL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_No matter how financially secure we may feel, it only takes an unexpected crisis to threaten our security. Illness, job loss, and other circumstances can take a toll on our bank accounts as well as our peace of mind. And with financial stressors being the leading cause of marital discord, we can easily find ourselves in a downward spiral that’s beyond our control.

But nothing is beyond God’s control, as the wonderful ladies behind the book, Overwhelmed: Hope and Help for the Financially Weary, remind us. When we trust God and then live out that faith daily in a real way, He works mightily through us and those around us to raise us above our temporal circumstances.

This book is divided into five sections: Testimonies, Financial Resources, Women and Business, Home Business Guide and Resources, and Frugal Homemaking. The sections work together to encourage and empower women who are facing financial strain. However, the practical sections also serve as sources of helpful information for families who choose to live with less, as many families today do.

I especially enjoyed and benefited from the Testimonies section. These nine personal stories, written by the Overwhelmed Team, relate in a real and honest way how each member faced financial uncertainty in her life. There are seasons of fear, anxiety, mistrust, marital strife, confusion, insecurity, and doubt. There are times of great loss and trial. Yet through it all, the threads of God’s grace weave collectively, like threads of gold holding an entire tapestry together. What a blessing it was to read how God worked everything together for good and in His perfect timing.

The next three sections offer practical financial and business know-how that’s helped Team members in their own lives. The Financial Resources in particular highlights facts and tidbits of which you may not be aware, like the best way to purchase a car or deal with credit card debt. And if you’re thinking about supplementing the family’s income with a home-based business, the Team provides useful and intriguing leads and advice.

And then there are the family and home management duties to consider. The section Frugal Homemaking is packed with links, books, recipes, tips, and ideas for frugal cooking, cleaning, clothes shopping, and even Christmas. Whether you are pinching pennies or simply striving to be a good steward (or both), you’ll find a lot of inspiration here.

Additionally, the Team has written a nine-week study guide to go along with the book. I found the questions for further consideration to be insightful and eye-opening. I also liked the whimsical artwork!

My thanks and gratitude to the Overwhelmed Team* for their transparency in this book. Much more than just another guide to living through tough financial times, these words from those who have walked through the valley of the shadow and come out on the other side, not merely as survivors but as victors, are just the encouragement so many women urgently need. At the heart of it all lies the real goal: deepening and strengthening each woman’s relationship with the Lord.

(Note: I received a free copy of this book and study guide in return for my honest review.)


* Richele McFarlin, Rosann Cunningham, Jasmine Mansfield, Robin Glover, Jill Craft, LaToya Edwards, June Fuentes, Kelly Crawford, and Melinda Martin

~ by Ellen, The Bluestocking Belle

Ellen (21 Posts)

A homeschooling mother, Ellen lives in the Deep South with a transplanted Yankee husband, two middle grade daughters, and two adorable corgis, Jasper and Georgette. She espouses a literary-based education with a Charlotte Mason emphasis. She squeezes in time to write between teaching, managing the household, ferrying the girls to their activities, and volunteering with said activities. Iced coffee and prayer keep her going. You can read about her life at http://bluestockingbelle.blogspot.com.

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