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In The Hands Of A Child :: The Industrial Revolution Review

I often supplement our learning with a lapbook. Lapbooks are a great tool to cover topical studies or perhaps something relevant to the seasonal year.  Our latest purchase is a project pack from ‘In The Hands Of A Child‘ called ‘Industrial Revolution‘.

We have used many of their lapbooks and notebooking packs over the years, and I keep returning to them as their products are just so well researched and so user-friendly.


IR Cover

Title: Industrial Revolution
Publisher: In The Hands Of A Child
Available: Currclick
Format: PDF instant download
Cost: £$7.00
Ages: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13

Let me walk you through what you will get when you purchase an ‘In The Hands Of A Child’ project pack. You will find a comprehensive introduction to your pack. Directions on how to use the pack and how to assemble your lapbook.

IR Make up

You will have a very handy lesson schedule, so there is not having to plan out what you are going to do when! Great for those times when life seems to be overtaking you!

IR Lesson Sched

Your project pack comes with a comprehensive research guide, along with a list of recommended supporting books. I usually just scour my local library’s shelves for anything they have on our chosen topic.

IR Research guide

All the answers to the questions that each little matchbook asks is included in the pack – so no guess-work. All the activities are included in your pack along with instructions on how to assemble them.

IR Lapbook

Use Your Lapbook in Creative Ways!

We have used our lapbooks in many different ways.

*We have created the lapbooks as recommended in the project pack

*we have stuck our activities onto sheets of card and popped them into a binder – which is much easier to store!

*For our latest lapbook, I have used a roll of brown wrapping paper and stuck a good length of it onto our school room wall. As we work through our project pack we assemble the activities and stick them onto the brown paper. This gives a wonderful visual reminder of what we have been learning, so easy for recapping!

About The Industrial Revolution Project Pack

So now that we have walked through what you get when you purchase an ‘In The Hands Of A Child’ product, let me tell you what you will cover in this specific pack.

  • Focus on the great changes of this time period
  • Financial Factors that drove the Industrial Revolution
  • Changes in how things were produced
  • Samuel Slater
  • Timeline of Events
  • King Cotton
  • Changes in how people lived
  • Great Inventions
  • Effects of mass industry
  • American Inventions
  • Modern labor unions
  • Factories
  • Urban Life
  • Rural Life
  • The Industrial Revolution and today

Enriching Your Learning

Be on the look out for ways to enrich your learning. Along-side our project pack, some of the things we have done, (and are doing) are:

* Field trips to cotton mills and pottery works from this era.

*In our Read Aloud time we are reading ‘The Story of Inventions’ by Michael J. McHugh and Frank P. Bachman. A lovely book put out by Christian Liberty Press

*We are studying artists and their works from the same time period

*I scan through the television channels and record programs that showcase a scientists or inventors life. This adds a different dimension to my girls learning.

So, if you have not used one of  these great project packs from ‘In The Hands Of A Child’, I would love to encourage you to try it out. The cost is affordable and the fact that you can download instantly and hit the print button is a bonus!

~ Written by Shirley

Shirley (29 Posts)

Shirley lives with her husband and two teen daughters in the English countryside just outside the beautiful market town of Chesterfield in the famous Peak District of England. The family have homeschooled for 8 years. They homeschool using A.C.E. adding a little Charlotte Mason twist where they can. She loves her multifaceted role in life and seeks to share her passion for Godly womanhood, mothering, home-keeping and home educating with others. She writes about these passions on her blog 'Under An English Sky'.

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  • SoCalLynn December 18, 2013, 12:56 pm

    We used this lapbook when my daughter was in 7th grade. We supplemented with historical and non-fiction books and watched videos on Youtube. She ended up with a very nice project.

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