Elementary Workbooks from Dover Publications and

Did you know that Dover Publications has joined together with to offer a brand new set of elementary workbooks for K-5th? ~Don’t miss the discount code plus the giveaway at the end!! We received these Dover Publications resources in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we love the benefits [...]

A Plan in Place Planners for Homeschool

The following is a guest post by Suzanne Doeren of A Plan in Place (Don't miss the discount code at the end!)... A Plan in Place was started because nothing on the market worked for me.  Maybe you've had the same experience.  After all, we are homeschoolers: we are unique; we march to the beat [...]

How to Start Homeschooling

How to Start Homeschooling thumbnail

How to start homeschooling? First, I want to encourage you by saying you are wise to research and seek out counsel. I feel that one of the very best ways to start is by preparing your parent heart. Some of the very best advice, I think, is contained in this article by my friend Kim [...]

Learn Math Fast Review

Learn Math Fast Review thumbnail

Let me tell you about an answer to a prayer. Just when my high schooler started really struggling with Algebra, I heard about Learn Math Fast. Yay! We have been using Learn Math Fast for a back-to-basics, refresher type learning. Well, maybe it is a 'finally learning it for real way'. Either way, it is [...]

College Test Prep for Homeschool from REA

College Test Prep for Homeschoolers from REA

With both a rising senior and a rising junior in our homeschool, we are in the thick of college test prep and planning. Enter REA Test Prep with resources to help us be prepared! Lately, we have been using CLEP Biology and ACT Strategy Smart from REA. Just how to use College Test Prep for Homeschool [...]

Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day

Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day

A day celebrating you! Today is Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day. Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day was started by Apologia Educational Ministries in 2014. This year the celebration is growing! As the 2014-2015 homeschool  year winds down, it’s time to spend a day celebrating YOU–the homeschool teacher. It’s a day for the entire homeschool community! Thanks to [...]

Apologia Land Animals of the Sixth Day Review

Apologia Land Animals of the Sixth Day Review thumbnail

You might remember that last year we thoroughly enjoyed Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. Well, this year it was our first grader's turn to pick the science we would learn. He enthusiastically said, "Land Animals!" So this year we have been learning from Apologia Land Animals of the Sixth Day – another by [...]

Homeschool Resources for All Ages

Homeschool Resources for All Ages thumbnail

Want to know something I look forward to this time of year? All the homeschool resources for all ages on sale! I'm sharing three with you today. First, I especially enjoy picking out the Harmony Fine Arts Plans we will enjoy next school year. Harmony Fine Arts for Music and Art Appreciation fit nicely with [...]

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