Homeschool Curriculum Choices Made Easy with Pinterest thumbnail

Pinterest is such a fantastic resource for homeschoolers! Wouldn't you agree? Here at The Curriculum Choice, we use Pinterest for gathering all kinds of tools – but especially reviews. We have Pinterest boards for all the matching categories of reviews here on our website. From Bible to history and more. But we thought you might [...]

Beat the Homeschool Blues Bundle

Beat the Homeschool Blues Bundle thumbnail

As homeschoolers, we are well aware of the blues that strike each winter, discouraging moms and making them question their decision to homeschool. This year, The Bundle of the Week has created a collection of ebooks designed to encourage you for the journey as well as give you practical tools to address the areas that [...]

Rod and Staff Bible Stories to Read and Bible Pictures to Color Review thumbnail

My little ones always sit still longer and learn much more when their hands are busy. I’m sure you’ve found this to be true as well. That’s one of the reasons we’ve so enjoyed Bible Stories to Read and Bible Pictures to Color by Rod and Staff. As we start the school morning, I open [...]

Apologia Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Review thumbnail

There are plastic sea creatures in my bathtub – an octopus, several sharks. There are also family passes to the Georgia Aquarium in my wallet. And, thanks to Apologia, we have wonderful textbooks, a multimedia CD and elementary level journals at the ready in our homeschool. I've shared before how we are doing a family [...]

iHomeschool Studio Online Webinar – Encouragement for You! thumbnail

Encouragement for YOU from fellow homeschoolers right in the comfort of your own home. No traveling expenses. PLUS MP3s of all the seminar topics. Really? Yes! (Don't miss the giveaway below!) ~This post contains affiliate links to this great webinar. Please see our disclosure policy. "iHomeschool Studio is an event when homeschool parents receive the [...]

Top Homeschool Reviews at The Curriculum Choice

Top Homeschool Reviews at The Curriculum Choice thumbnail

We at The Curriculum Choice wish you a very Merry Christmas! And today we share your favorite homeschool reviews from this year 2013... How to Make an Overall Plan for the Year - A long time, overall, number one favorite from Barb McCoy The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Homeschool Curriculum Tapestry of Grace Calvary Chapel [...]

Stocking Stuffer Gift for You!

Stocking Stuffer Gift for You! thumbnail

Don't miss this chance to win some big Christmas money! Details below... Guess what is happening today and tomorrow?? Take a look... The 40 Days giveaway: ALL days 1-39 will be open - Click over to iHomeschool Network to enter to win! The Stocking Stuffer from iHN Bloggers is today 12/12! $400 prize. Winner can [...]

Answers in Genesis: History Revealed Curriculum Review thumbnail

We have a new resource in our homeschool: Answers in Genesis' History Revealed. I am learning about spiritual revivals that occurred in the United States in the early 1800s. It is the Biblical basis of history that I now realize I never had in my schooling. I'm so thankful my children are learning HIS-story the [...]

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