Truth in the Tinsel: Review of an Advent Study for Children

Truth in the Tinsel

Truth in the Tinsel is an Advent study for young children. I found it several years ago when looking for a simple way to incorporate Advent into our studies and holiday celebrations. It is a lovely way to not only celebrate Advent, but teach your children what Christmas is all about. It is designed for preschoolers [...]

Ancient Greece Lapbook :: In The Hands of A Child

Ancient Greece Lapbook :: In The Hands of A Child thumbnail

In our younger homeschooling years we used a lot of lapbooks. Now that both my girls are in high school, things are a little more formal. Looking back through some of the lapbooks we have covered I have a little part of me that misses learning this way :) One particular lapbook that we enjoyed [...]

Dover Publications Art, Literature and Science

Dover Publications Art, Literature and Science thumbnail

We are quite taken with Dover Publications at our house! Yes, we have our basic curricula but these resources are the icing on the cake. Today I am highlighting art, literature and science books you will want to consider as well! ~Don’t miss the giveaway at the end!! We received these Dover Publications resources in [...]

Clay Fun Art by Oak Meadow – My Review

Clay Fun Art by Oak Meadow – My Review thumbnail

Do your little ones struggle with handwriting? Is it hard for them to hold their pencil, to form their letters? We all know that arts and crafts are a great way to develop the small muscles of the hand for handwriting. Drawing, cutting, working with pastels, painting, and even finger painting in pudding can really [...]

Honey for a Teen’s Heart

Honey for a Teen’s Heart thumbnail

Most homeschoolers know about Honey for a Child’s Heart, and recently Heidi reviewed Honey for a Teen’s Heart here.  That wonderful review motivated me to look for the book, and as soon as I returned my interlibrary loan copy to the library, I bought it. It’s that good. And that’s why I want to draw [...]

Spelling City Review

Spelling City Review at The Curriculum Choice

My eldest son struggles with spelling so I am always looking for resources to help him improve his spelling. Spelling City has been a very helpful resource for my family. It is customizable and is a great tool to use with your favorite spelling program. Spelling City is a free website that is fun and simple to use. What's Included for [...]

The Power of Google Maps in the Classroom

The Power of Google Maps in the Classroom thumbnail

If you haven't yet discovered the impact Google Maps can have in your science and geography studies, now is the time.  Can you imagine being able to show your kids the bottom of the ocean? Give it a try yourself. Load Google Maps onto your computer and go to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Click on [...]

Self Propelled Advantage Review

The Self-Propelled Advantage: Review

Last year a friend introduced me to a lovely book entitled The Self Propelled Advantage. It was a crazy busy year for us, but the title and summary were captivating. As most parents, we were keen to help guide our children in the efforts of self learning and this book certainly seemed to fit the [...]