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Have you visited it yet? Introducing the Ultimate Naturalist's Library from The Handbook of Nature Study. Don't miss the special discount code at the end! Barb McCoy (Harmony Art Mom) makes it easy to enrich your homeschool with nature study. She offers all you need in one spot for one price! Can you believe this [...]

Write From … History

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Late last year author, Kimberly Garcia, contacted and asked if we'd be interested in reviewing any of her books in the Write From History series. Did we ever! One look told me that my boys would enjoy them and I wasn't mistaken at all. The books are wonderfully done and written with the homeschooler in [...]

Raddish Kitchen Science Box

Raddish Kitchen Science Box thumbnail

How delighted I was when I opened our Kitchen Science Box from Raddish. I love to cook and my son does too. I've always considered cooking with my kids part of their homeschooling. I like teaching them measuring and how to cook as a natural part of our homeschool experience. But what's a mom to [...]

Amazing Apostles’ Creed Catholic VBS Review

Amazing Apostles’ Creed Catholic VBS Review thumbnail

"Exploring the simple beauties and richness of the Catholic faith fosters children's knowledge and love of Jesus." Each summer my children looked forward to attending Vacation Bible School at our parish.  It was one of the highlights of their summer! Most of the parishes in our area used a non-Catholic program.  Nothing wrong with that [...]

Introduce Your Children to Shakespeare

Introduce Your Children to Shakespeare thumbnail

Do you hesitate to introduce Shakespeare's plays because you think your children aren't old enough?  Do you think it would be too confusing, or that they might form an early dislike of the world's most famous plays? Let me encourage you to give it a try!  My eight-year-old son and eleven-year-old daughter have both enjoyed [...]

Elemental Science – Biology for the Grammar Stage thumbnail

My son is five years old this school year and I decided at the beginning of the year to include science into our curriculum plans.  We had done lots of Charlotte Mason style nature studies in his preschool years, but I wanted to be a little more formal this year.  At the same time, I [...]

Review – Nature School

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** Don’t miss the exciting giveaway opportunity at the end of this post! ** In April 2013, I wrote a review here on The Curriculum Choice on a delightful little book called Nature Adventures. The authors of the book were kind enough to give me a copy to giveaway in my review. Well, a little [...]

Homeschool PE, Fitness and Sports

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We all know physical fitness is important and plays a big role in overall health.  Childhood obesity rates are climbing as well as diseases that are directly linked to our sedentary society. What can we do as homeschool parents to ensure that our children not only have a life-long love of learning, but a life-long [...]