Springtime Science: Butterflies

Spring is for Science

Spring's the right time for science!  After the dark, cold days of winter, spring arrives with warmer temperatures, longer days, and touches of green. It's time to plant seeds and watch them sprout.  It's time to watch caterpillars eat and grow and change into butterflies. This year we purchased a Butterfly Kit from Insect Lore. [...]

Homeschool Record Keeping

Record keeping helps keep your homeschool organized. The authors at the Curriculum Choice have shared some of their favorite methods in this post.

An organized homeschool is a successful homeschool!  One important piece of organization is in record-keeping.  Just how do the authors of the Curriculum Choice stay on top of record keeping?  We share our secrets in this post! Be sure to browse the tabs above to find reviews for record keeping and organizational helps. You might [...]

Natures Day Review

Nature’s Day review and giveaway!

I have the cutest book to review for you today, another great addition to your bookshelf. *Don't forget to enter the giveaway for this book at the end of the review* Natures Day is written by Kay Maguire and illustrated by Danielle Kroll. The quality of this book is wonderful. This hardcover book has a [...]

KingKa – A Classic Board Game with a Twist

KingKa – A Classic Board Game with a Twist thumbnail

Are your children learning Mandarin Chinese?  Are you always on the prowl for fun activities that integrate Mandarin language practice into your curriculum?  Do you kids enjoy playing Bingo, Memory, Lotto, and other games?  Then this is the game for you! KingKa rolls all of these popular games into one; making it a perfect game for [...]

Five In A Row Review

Five in a Row Review

When we first began home educating our eldest son we began with the Five In A Row Curriculum. I was smitten with the fact that it used many beloved picture books and would introduce us to some new ones we weren’t quite familiar with. We used the Five In A Row (FIAR) Curriculum for five [...]

How to Start Homeschooling

How to Start Homeschooling thumbnail

How to start homeschooling? First, I want to encourage you by saying you are wise to research and seek out counsel. I feel that one of the very best ways to start is by preparing your parent heart. Some of the very best advice, I think, is contained in this article by my friend Kim [...]

Homeschool Resources for All Ages

Homeschool Resources for All Ages thumbnail

Want to know something I look forward to this time of year? All the homeschool resources for all ages on sale! I'm sharing three with you today. First, I especially enjoy picking out the Harmony Fine Arts Plans we will enjoy next school year. Harmony Fine Arts for Music and Art Appreciation fit nicely with [...]

Wild Adventures :: Review

Wild Adventures :: Review thumbnail

**The publishers (Frances Lincoln Children's Books) of Wild Adventures have very kindly offered a copy of the book to one of our readers, please be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post. ** Wild Adventures has been written by Mick Manning and Brita Granström. They are a husband and wife team [...]