Seton Religion for Young Catholics

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While we have made many changes in our homeschool over the years, the one thing that has stayed consistent has been our use of Religion for Young Catholics from Seton.  Ever since Jacob started kindergarten eight years ago it has been our one mainstay. We have stayed with the Seton books for religion instruction because [...]

Picture Smart Bible

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The boys and I have been reading through various books of the Bible through the school year. It’s been an enjoyable process for us, but I like to keep the boys focused on what we are reading and be sure they understand, to some degree, what we’re learning/reading as well. A few years ago I [...]

Rod and Staff Bible Stories to Read and Bible Pictures to Color Review thumbnail

My little ones always sit still longer and learn much more when their hands are busy. I’m sure you’ve found this to be true as well. That’s one of the reasons we’ve so enjoyed Bible Stories to Read and Bible Pictures to Color by Rod and Staff. As we start the school morning, I open [...]

180 Days In The Word

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We recently, thanks to the author, tried out 180 Days In The Word. It’s thusly named because you spend 180 days of your school year reading through your entire Bible. When this was offered up for us to review I was pretty excited to give it a go as the boys had just been given [...]

Bible, Character Training and Bible Recource | The Curriculum Choice

As a homeschool mom, raising my kids for Christ is my most primary goal. It's a sublime one that isn't easy in the world we live in. After lots of love, being a good example and lots of prayer, great resources are next in line as an aid to accomplishing this sometimes daunting task. There [...]

Answers in Genesis: History Revealed Curriculum Review thumbnail

We have a new resource in our homeschool: Answers in Genesis' History Revealed. I am learning about spiritual revivals that occurred in the United States in the early 1800s. It is the Biblical basis of history that I now realize I never had in my schooling. I'm so thankful my children are learning HIS-story the [...]

Charlie and Noel: An Advent Calendar Story

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It's time to break out those Advent Calendars and count down to Christmas. But instead of chocolates, why not count down with a charming story? Charlie and Noel: An Advent Calendar Story by Franziska Macur is a personal and inviting approach to preparing our hearts for the Christmas season. One objective the Lord has placed [...]

The Children’s Illustrated Bible :: Review

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I am not usually a big fan of children's Bibles, we prefer to read straight from the scriptures in our home. However, this particular Children's Bible has some great features and is great to read or look at alongside your reading from the Scriptures. All the favorite Bible stories are in this book. The text [...]