In The Hands Of A Child :: Basic Survival Skills Note Book thumbnail

One of my favorite online curriculum providers is Currclick.  I love that you can just about instantly fill a gap or meet a need in your homeschool with just one click of a button. The winter of 2013 was a rather snowy one for us here in England. We kept hearing reports of people going [...]

Etiquette Intermediate by The Etiquette Factory – REVIEW

This post contains affiliate links. As the mom of two boys I learned very early on that “manners” are skills that need to be taught! When my children were young they honestly believed their sleeves served as the perfect napkin and if they were excited to share information with their friends it was perfectly fine [...]

Drawing with Children Review

Drawing with Children Review thumbnail

If there is one drawing book that I see consistently on homeschool curriculum sites, it's Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes.  I am not anything of an artist myself, so I thought this would be a good one for me to check out.  When it came in the mail, I pretty much sat down and [...]

Book Review: A Child’s Introduction to Art

Within the nearly 100 full-color pages of A Child's Introduction to Art you'll find a trip to an art museum, a fine art appreciation class, a review of art history, and a lesson in art techniques all rolled into one! Disclosure: In January I raved about The Story of the Orchestra, so when Black Dog [...]

Foreign Language Curriculum Reviews for Homeschool at The Curriculum Choice

Here at The Curriculum Choice we have many foreign language curriculum reviews to help make your decisions easy. How to choose a foreign language course for your homeschool? What will work best with a certain homeschool method? Our authors have shared what they love, what works best for their students and examples of how each [...]

Look! Really Smart Art :: A Review and Giveaway thumbnail

** Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this review** Look! Really Smart Art was written by Gillian Wolfe. I found this to be a really interesting book to read through, and am sure that young readers interested in art would find it interesting too. This book looks at the 'secret' skills [...]

Ready to Go Homeschool Resources on Sale

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Do you have a list of homeschool resources you are considering? Well we happen to have some excellent resources on sale! Yes, now is the perfect time to grab some great deals on some of our favorite homeschool curricula! And these happen to be from our review team authors. Do you long to enrich your [...]

The Global Puzzle Review

The Global Puzzle Review- The Curriculum Choice

Memorizing random geography facts is never fun, at least it was never fun for me. So when I think of geography I like to add hands on activities to our homeschool. Puzzles and games are extra fitting for learning geography. It's not that there isn't a time for simply memorizing, there is. But I prefer to [...]