The Story Of…An Introduction To The Classics thumbnail

  In our home, anything that makes offering music appreciation easier is a big plus. Our family has used many of the The Story of ...Introduction to The Classics CDs as part of our weekly music selections. This series makes learning about great composers super easy and enjoyable. There is nothing more enjoyable than turning [...]

How To Draw Animals

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I have always found teaching art - drawing and painting - a challenge in our homeschooling. Which is quite funny because I loved art in school and trained in Fashion Designing which has quite a large drawing/designing side to it. But I just could not pass that on to my children. Even now I have [...]

Homeschool in the Woods: Hands On History Artists Activity Pak

Homeschool in the Woods: Hands On History Artists Activity Pak thumbnail

"Hands-on" is the perfect description for this product because there really isn't much reading and text except for what is presented when doing the activities. That makes it ideal for the tactile learner. You can first do the learning projects and activities of your choice and then later use them to build the lapbook. The [...]

Art in the Homeschool

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Taking time for art each week breathes life and spirit into your child. Allowing this time to explore great artists and different art mediums gives your precious children a more rounded education that promotes creativity, problem solving, and language skills. Not sure where to start? This collection of blog posts, tutorials, and art related reviews [...]

Inkblot by Margaret Peot

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What do you see in an inkblot and what artistic creations could you make with one? I found Inkblot: Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity to be very helpful in inspiring me and leading me to know just what to do! With lots of inkblot examples throughout and several ways to use inkblots [...]

The Story of the Orchestra Book Review

The Story of the Orchestra Book Review thumbnail

I have a wonderful reference book I want to share with you!  The Story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to introduce their children to classical music. First, let me back up a bit and share how I came across this wonderful book.  One of my favorite [...]

Preschool Piano with Music for Little Mozarts

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*** Don't miss the Music For Little Mozarts giveaway at the end! A few months ago my family bought a piano.  Growing up, playing the piano was a regular part of life, so I was anxious to have a piano in our home for the sake of my children (well, for me too!)  I was [...]

Homeschool Sales!

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We are joining in some pricing cutting and sale pricing in celebration of this wonderful time of year! Please enjoy the following sales from our authors and fellow homeschoolers... This post contains affiliate links to products we love and use in our homeschool! Please see our disclosure policy for full details. From Cindy at Shining [...]