A Review of Latin For Children

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My children both asked repeatedly if we could learn another language.  Maybe it's because of their world-traveling uncle...or that they want to be able to exchange secret messages in public.  Either way I wanted to capitalize on their desire.  We chose Latin, and my research into products to help me teach a language that I [...]

Learning Latin With Song School Latin 2

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How I wish we had started learning Latin with Classical Academic Press materials three years ago!  When we started homeschooling I had grand plans of teaching my children Latin, but after a lackluster attempt at Latin roots I put my idea on the back burner.  Both my children continued asking to please learn a foreign [...]

Song School Latin Review

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Don't miss the giveaway at the end! I am completely on board with the classical model of education.  I love everything about it from the use of living books and primary source documents, to the studying of history chronologically.  It is a fairly rigorous method, but I feel relatively confident about teaching it.  There is [...]

A Fun Way to Learn About Words

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Don't miss the giveaway at the end! Do you know what PHOTOGRAMMETRY or THERMOPHILE mean? How about ZOOMETRY or SYMPHILY? Your children will be able to tell you quite easily what the definitions of these words are after spending time playing Rummy Roots. This game is teaching my children all about English words through learning [...]

Latin in the Christian Trivium

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Looking for an in-depth, high school course that will provide a strong foundation in Latin grammar?  Would it be even better to find one that includes historical background from a Christian perspective, too?  You're in luck!  I've been blessed to use Latin in the Christian Trivium, Volume I with my high school daughter this year. [...]

Teaching Spanish *CAN* Be Easy! Speekee!

Have you ever heard of Speekee? It is a Spanish program for young children ranging in age from two to 10. As a homeschool family, we were given the opportunity to review "Speekee TV" which is their online version. Exciting and perfect for us, it also comes with "Speekee FastTrack" which is an already prepared [...]

Speedy Spanish Level 1 Review

This year, my children and I began learning Spanish together. I had studied Spanish all through college. I was, however, at a real loss as to how to effectively begin to teach my children the language. My friend introduced us to Speedy Spanish. So far, I am very impressed with what the children have learned. [...]

Visual Latin

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Visual Latin | A Quick Explanation from Compass Cinema on Vimeo. Warning. The free lessons you may download and watch will have you hooked. Watch them with your children only if you want to hear… Laughter. Soon followed by, “Can we watch another?” Then after the second introductory lesson, “Can we watch just one more?” [...]