KingKa – A Classic Board Game with a Twist

KingKa – A Classic Board Game with a Twist thumbnail

Are your children learning Mandarin Chinese?  Are you always on the prowl for fun activities that integrate Mandarin language practice into your curriculum?  Do you kids enjoy playing Bingo, Memory, Lotto, and other games?  Then this is the game for you! KingKa rolls all of these popular games into one; making it a perfect game for [...]

Review: Spanish Fun Activity Calendar

Review: Spanish Fun Activity Calendar thumbnail

  The aptly named Spanish Fun Activity Calendar uses a Charlotte Mason methodology to teach Spanish. We use this calendar with our children who are Pre-K to 8th grade. In the front of the calendar you will find the directions on how to use the calendar, your calendar words as well as colors and a pronunciation [...]

Homeschool Freebies and Sales

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There are simply so many wonderful homeschool freebies and sales right now! Enjoy...’s Holiday Fun Event is in full swing. Lots of free holiday printables, science experiments, recipes, website trials, and more (including some Hodgepodge!)’s 2014 Gift Guide – such fun! It’s chocked full of great educational gift ideas—just in time for the [...]

Better Chinese: Opening the Door to Mandarin Fluency thumbnail

We first started using Better Chinese curriculum when my five-year old daughter expressed an interest in learning to speak Chinese. At the time, it was the only curricula that I could find that was aimed at the English speaker. As I don't speak or read Chinese myself, this was critical. I wanted something that be [...]

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews for Electives

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Electives can cover such a wide range of topics in homeschool. And electives are often where our students find the most joy – plus develop unique talents and interests. We offer you an abundance of homeschool curriculum reviews for electives below! ~don't miss the giveaway at the end! Below are some of the many electives [...]

Foreign Language Curriculum Reviews for Homeschool at The Curriculum Choice

Here at The Curriculum Choice we have many foreign language curriculum reviews to help make your decisions easy. How to choose a foreign language course for your homeschool? What will work best with a certain homeschool method? Our authors have shared what they love, what works best for their students and examples of how each [...]

A Review of Latin For Children

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My children both asked repeatedly if we could learn another language.  Maybe it's because of their world-traveling uncle...or that they want to be able to exchange secret messages in public.  Either way I wanted to capitalize on their desire.  We chose Latin, and my research into products to help me teach a language that I [...]

Learning Latin With Song School Latin 2

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How I wish we had started learning Latin with Classical Academic Press materials three years ago!  When we started homeschooling I had grand plans of teaching my children Latin, but after a lackluster attempt at Latin roots I put my idea on the back burner.  Both my children continued asking to please learn a foreign [...]