Stack the States {Kindle App}

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Did you know that Tennessee is nicknamed the "volunteer state"? Can your child identify his states and capitals with ease? What about the state flags, any of those looking familiar?  States and capitals are something we want our kids to know. But, we don't want to make a big fuss over it and have it [...]

The Story Of…An Introduction To The Classics thumbnail

  In our home, anything that makes offering music appreciation easier is a big plus. Our family has used many of the The Story of ...Introduction to The Classics CDs as part of our weekly music selections. This series makes learning about great composers super easy and enjoyable. There is nothing more enjoyable than turning [...]

Homeschool in the Woods: Hands On History Artists Activity Pak

Homeschool in the Woods: Hands On History Artists Activity Pak thumbnail

"Hands-on" is the perfect description for this product because there really isn't much reading and text except for what is presented when doing the activities. That makes it ideal for the tactile learner. You can first do the learning projects and activities of your choice and then later use them to build the lapbook. The [...]

Review: The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

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The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History with Internet links is a comprehensive introduction to world history, covering  prehistoric times, Ancient civilizations through to the  early 21st century. I have used this book as a reference book in our home for many years. We would read the first few pages of our time era or civilization [...]

Veritas Press Timeline Flashcards Review

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When I was looking for a history curriculum that our family could do together, I knew that I wanted one that showed history chronologically and left a lot of room for living books. I started using the flashcards from Veritas Press. Each card has a large picture on the front, depicting a major world event. [...]

Winter Promise Children Around The World

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I wanted my children, especially my eldest, to have a big year of geography again. I had noticed some of his skills were lacking. Not to mention it was time to expand upon some bigger geographical items as well. I looked at both Winter Promise’s Children Around {CAW} The World and Sonlight’s updated Core F. [...]

Maps Charts & Graphs Review

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My oldest son has always had a love for geography.  It's always been natural for us to go find places on a map when we are talking or reading about different places in the world. I'm always looking for little ways to encourage his love of geography. One activity that has helped my son learn [...]

In The Hands Of A Child :: The Industrial Revolution Review thumbnail

I often supplement our learning with a lapbook. Lapbooks are a great tool to cover topical studies or perhaps something relevant to the seasonal year.  Our latest purchase is a project pack from 'In The Hands Of A Child' called 'Industrial Revolution'. We have used many of their lapbooks and notebooking packs over the years, [...]