Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices

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It’s that time of year when we, as homeschoolers, begin to think about our curriculum choices for the next school year. You are likely getting catalogs daily from curriculum companies, browsing the web, reading reviews, and making a shopping list. Choosing curriculum can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. The writers here at [...]

Around the World in 80 Days Unit Study REVIEW at The Curriculum Choice

Do your children enjoy reading books about travel and adventure? One of our favorite stories is Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. Although my boys enjoy reading interesting books, they also like to be active! We often read books aloud as a family so we can have discussions as we move through [...]

Elementary Workbooks from Dover Publications and Education.com

Did you know that Dover Publications has joined together with Education.com to offer a brand new set of elementary workbooks for K-5th? ~Don’t miss the discount code plus the giveaway at the end!! We received these Dover Publications resources in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we love the benefits [...]

Winter Promise Language Arts

Winter Promise Language Arts Review

A couple of years ago we enjoyed the lovely Word Spy books. We took our time reading through them and enjoyed every minute of them. When we reached the end of both books I really didn’t want my children to forget all that they had learned, so I ended up searching out a grammar programme. [...]

Print to Cursive Proverbs from Simply Charlotte Mason

Print to Cursive Proverbs from Simply Charlotte Mason

At our house handwriting practice was causing friction.  My verbal, creative 2nd grader just didn't like any kind of writing.  I was on the look out for something that might change her mind. She liked how fancy my own cursive handwriting looked!  Maybe cursive was the solution to our handwriting troubles?  We started a program [...]

Five In A Row Review

Five in a Row Review

When we first began home educating our eldest son we began with the Five In A Row Curriculum. I was smitten with the fact that it used many beloved picture books and would introduce us to some new ones we weren’t quite familiar with. We used the Five In A Row (FIAR) Curriculum for five [...]

Essay Rockstar: The Textual Analysis Essay by Fortuigence

Essay Rockstar: The Textual Analysis Essay by Fortuigence REVIEW at The Curriculum Choice

As children move into high school level coursework they are often required to use critical thinking skills to make objective observations and clearly share their opinions with others. Being able to gather their ideas and express them verbally may not be too difficult for most teens, but some find it to be quite a challenge when [...]

Spectrum Reading – Grade 3 – My Review

Spectrum Reading Review

Do you children have trouble remembering what they have read?  Or do they struggle when giving their narrations?  The folks at Spectrum created a book, at the third grade reading level, that addresses just this problem. It is full of child-oriented stories that are fun to read. In fact, there are more than 100 short stories [...]