Introduce Your Children to Shakespeare

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Do you hesitate to introduce Shakespeare's plays because you think your children aren't old enough?  Do you think it would be too confusing, or that they might form an early dislike of the world's most famous plays? Let me encourage you to give it a try!  My eight-year-old son and eleven-year-old daughter have both enjoyed [...]

A Beka’s Vocabulary Spelling V – Review

A Beka’s Vocabulary Spelling V – Review thumbnail

My family has used A Beka's spelling and vocabulary programs for many years, starting with middle school. We liked how these course were set up. We also appreciated that they were aligned to state standards and included a poetry section in each book. So when we were looking for a solid vocabulary program for my [...]

Handwriting by George – Review

Handwriting by George – Review thumbnail

My son loves to study history, especially early American history, but he does NOT like to practice handwriting.  The physical act of handwriting is challenging for my son because he has dysgraphia. Many students fine-tune their handwriting skills at a young age, but due to my son’s writing challenges he continues to practice handwriting daily.  [...]

Cover Story Writing Curriculum for Middle School — a quick peek and giveaway! thumbnail

{I received this product for free and was compensated for my time to review it.} I would venture to think most homeschool parents are often on the lookout for quality curriculum.  Am I right? We spend hours pouring through catalogs, reading reviews online, maybe attending conferences, and definitely chatting with friends about the ULTIMATE question: [...]

Animal Stories by Oak Meadow – Review

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When my daughter was little, she loved reading about animals, especially cats. Probably because we have two cats who have always lived in our house.  So when we happened upon a chapter book called Animal Friends, we knew we had a find.  We found this heartwarming book one year, as it happened to be included [...]

Workshops Work! A Parent’s Guide to Facilitating Writer’s Workshops for Kids thumbnail

I've been hosting a writer's workshop in our home since September. A writer's workshop is a time for writers to gather together and share their work. Sometimes workshops hold a mini lesson and give participants time to write and some, like ours, encourages writers to bring pieces they've already written to be shared during the [...]

The Writing Road to Reading Review

The Writing Road to Reading Review thumbnail

The Writing Road to Reading was one of the first purchases I made when I began to teach my son.  It was recommended on as being a great resource for teaching reading to children.  It really is a great resource! The Writing Road to Reading teaches a phonics based method for learning to read.  [...]

Hooked on Phonics

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Teaching my first three children how to read was quite easy.  I'm not even quite sure I remember teaching my oldest daughter to read, I think she taught herself! It's been a different story with my younger three children.  My two younger daughters have some special needs, so I needed to do things a bit [...]