How to Write a Research Report Review

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In our homeschool, my middle school daughter was all about story writing. She loved to read and write mysteries and adventure stories. One day, while we were studying science together, we saw that her curriculum called for a research report. My daughter was not confident in her nonfiction writing skills. So we searched the shelves [...]

Sandra Garant’s Catholic Heritage Curricula  Writing Workshops Review thumbnail

Do you know what a spoonerism is? What plot might your daughter develop when she looks at a photo of a dancer about to go on stage? What dialogue does your son create between a football coach and player who scores a touchdown for the wrong team? Similar questions are explored when your children take part in [...]

Spectrum Writing Review – 2nd Grade

Spectrum Writing Review – 2nd Grade thumbnail

My main focus for writing, during the early elementary years was to help my daughter become comfortable with the written word. We made time to write everyday. This was sometimes as simple as copywork or writing down what my daughter dictated to me, then reading it back. For example, with her artwork,we often added a [...]

One Year Adventure Novel

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For English this year my fourteen year old (ninth grader) is finishing the One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN). He has thoroughly enjoyed the program and his enthusiasm has not waned since beginning last year. If you click the link and watch the introductory video, E14 is the perfect kid for this program. He has lots [...]

Activity Village: A Valuable Source for FREE Notebooking Pages thumbnail

  I don't recall how I happened upon this site, but I'm glad I did. Activity Village is a huge site devoted to crafts and activities for children. You could easily spend hours perusing all they have available (ask me how I know!). Everything I've seen is marvelous, but what really makes me full of [...]

Sequencing Simple Stories By Evan-Moor

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When I taught preschool, I often worked with the concept of sequencing, “which comes first”. Later I found that it was also an important concept in the early elementary years, as children were learning to read. There are a lot of ways to practice sequencing in your homeschool, day to day. We played with this [...]

Oak Meadow – Literature and Composition II

My family has used Oak Meadow curriculum through many of our homeschooling years. In 5th grade, we used Oak Meadow's US History program. We learned history through their fun filled hands-on, activity-based approach. Later we used much of their English curriculum. This year we used their English program for 10th graders, called Literature and Composition [...]

Spelling Workout Review

When you stick with a curriculum throughout your homeschool years, I believe it speaks volumes to its success and ability to meet the needs of different learning styles. Spelling Workout is more than just spelling. Besides spelling practice, this series teaches: Learning how to spell a word Phonics Dictionary skills Editing and proofreading – including [...]