Homeschool Math Curriculum Reviews

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Whether you are just starting out or it's time for a change, the authors here at Curriculum Choice have much to share with you! Read below for an abundance of information on math resources and programs. Below are some of the many math reviews our Curriculum Choice authors have written.  You’ll be amazed at all [...]

Kindergarten Saxon Math Review

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I have a five-year-old and a three-year-old and at the turn of the year I was feeling like I wanted to change up our math routine a bit. We have been using Ray's Arithmetic and it has provided my son with a fantastic understanding of how addition and subtraction works. We are still using Ray's [...]

SPEED! A Skip Counting Game

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Kids love to play games.  Moms love it when their kids are learning.  Everyone is happy when they find an activity that satisfies both criteria. Last year I noticed a blogger friend (Julie from Highhill Homeschool) had created a game called SPEED!  It's a card game that teaches skip counting from 2's to 9's.  When [...]

Your Business Math Series by Simply Charlotte Mason – REVIEW thumbnail

Have your children thought about starting their own business? Would you like your kids to learn how to write checks and “balance the books”? For the past several years our homeschool studies have included discussions and lessons about business and entrepreneurship.  This year we have added a fun and practical resource to our studies called: [...]

Key to Geometry Review

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Do you know what Miss 13 and I do every day?  We sit down on the couch with Key to Geometry, a unique, hands-on geometry course, and spend some happy time together. Presented in eight booklets (the first six just over 50 pages each and the last two around 150 pages each), Key to Geometry [...]

Color-By-Number Worksheets from Mama’s Learning Corner – Review thumbnail

My kindergartener did not really like to color until the last couple of weeks. He does love to paint and he enjoys art time. But simple coloring did not appeal to him. What happened to make such a big change for my five-year-old son? ~ This review contains affiliate links because we love this homeschool [...]

Math U See {MUS} Review

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A few years ago my children weren’t using a math curriculum at all. That’s not to say we weren’t doing math, but that I wasn’t using a curriculum to accomplish the task. Instead everything we did was done through games, stories, and hands on applications. My children learned most of the basics and some of [...]

Playing Math with Equate

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Practicing Math with Equate Equate plays like the crossword game we all know and love (Scrabble). You can build equations up and down and across. Unlike a word game though, an equation reads both ways so you can often add on to someone's equation with the ever so helpful equals sign. Other facts about practicing [...]