Review: Sylvan Learning Center Assessment

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With almost two decades of homeschooling under our belts, our family has experienced a variety of learning issues.  Most of them we have been able to diagnose and resolve ourselves. When I marked a recent French test, though, I realized I needed expert help.  Occasionally we all find ourselves in situations where our love, patience, [...]

Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day

Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day

A day celebrating you! Today is Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day. Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day was started by Apologia Educational Ministries in 2014. This year the celebration is growing! As the 2014-2015 homeschool  year winds down, it’s time to spend a day celebrating YOU–the homeschool teacher. It’s a day for the entire homeschool community! Thanks to [...]

Preparing for Homeschooling High School

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Welcome to Preparing for Homeschooling High School! The Curriculum Choice authors are sharing their best tips and posts on preparing for high school. High school can be the most rewarding of all the homeschooling years. Be encouraged to finish well! Be sure to browse the tabs above to find curriculum reviews for homeschooling high school. [...]

Lessons At Blackberry Inn :: A Review

Lessons at Blackberry Inn – Review

This month I'm looking at the lovely encouraging book 'Lessons At Blackberry Inn' by Karen Andreola. This is the sequel to Pocketful Of Pinecones which I reviewed last month. If my review piqued your interest enough to buy or borrow a copy of the book, I have no doubt that you are hooked and cannot [...]

Pocketful of Pinecones Review

Pocket Full of Pinecones Review

Written by veteran homeschooler and renowned interpreter of the Charlotte Mason method of education, Karen Andreola's 'Pocketful of Pinecones' is simply a delight to read! This book is basically a teachers 'how-to' guide to implementing nature study Charlotte Mason style. It has been written as a heartwarming story which draws the reader right into the [...]

Homeschool Conventions and Conferences for You!

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A very big part of continuing education for the homeschool parent is homeschool conventions and conferences. Now is the season! I am sharing three favorites today – all of which are coming up very quickly! Affiliate links – for homeschool events I personally adore – are included in this post. So if you click through [...]

Favorite Homeschool Tips

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Boy, are you in for a treat today!  The amazing homeschool mommas (who also happen to write fabulous reviews for you) are sharing some of their best, well-seasoned homeschooling tips for you today.  You will be blessed. Be sure to browse the tabs above to find curriculum reviews in the age and category you are [...]

Your Local Public Library

Your Local Public Library – Do You Know All It Has To Offer?

After the Bible, the library is probably the most valuable resource we homeschoolers have access to, and it amazes me that some people homeschool without it.  Even those of us who use it regularly often do not take full advantage of its many resources. In fact, even though we use the library so faithfully that [...]