Discovery Education Streaming Plus Review

Discovery Education Streaming Plus Review

This post contains affiliate links. Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a website that supplies digital content to schools. Not only is this a valuable resource for traditional classrooms, but it’s also a wonderful tool for homeschooling families. I’ve used this website for a couple of years to supplement my children’s studies with a wide variety [...]

Homeschool Reviews Nature Study Science and Technology @thecurriculumchoice

Choosing a science curriculum is a big decision when you homeschool your children. Each family has its personal interests and preferred methods of offering science from year to year. Are you looking for your curriculum for science and nature study? Looking to add in some formal technology training too? This post is full of ideas [...]

Stack the States {Kindle App}

Stack the States {Kindle App} thumbnail

Did you know that Tennessee is nicknamed the "volunteer state"? Can your child identify his states and capitals with ease? What about the state flags, any of those looking familiar?  States and capitals are something we want our kids to know. But, we don't want to make a big fuss over it and have it [...]

Introducing Your Kids to Computer Programming with Scratch thumbnail

“Your kids must learn how to code!” Read any education or technology blog on a regular basis, and I guarantee you'll hear that at least once. The reality is that not every child will grow up to become a computer programmer. Saying that every child needs to learn to code is like saying that every [...]

Technology in the Homeschool by Curriculum Choice Authors thumbnail

There are so many ways to introduce technology in your homeschool whether it be science oriented, user oriented (like tablets and computers), or even assistive devices for special needs students. Today Curriculum Choice authors are sharing how we use technology in our homeschools. Heather Woodie: Ten Reasons to Use a Kindle in Your Homeschool Part [...]

Homeschool Programming – TeenCoder Review

Homeschool Programming – TeenCoder Review thumbnail

TeenCoder: Windows Programming teaches the fundamentals of writing computer programs.  The course uses the Microsoft C# programming language.  It is designed for high-school students who want to learn computer programming. Microsoft C# is a leading edge programming language.  It is designed for building applications to run on Microsoft's .Net platform.  The C# language is an [...]

K’Nex Education – Introduction to Structures: Bridges thumbnail

Please note that this review includes affiliate links because we really love this product and highly recommend it to you. During high school, one of my sons showed interest in learning more about architecture. This interest-driven subject included all kinds of learning, including building with K'NEX Education - Intro to Structures: Bridges. We were more [...]

Learning Geography With GeoMaster Plus App

Learning Geography With GeoMaster Plus App thumbnail

Geography is one of those subjects that is best learned through multiple approaches. My children trace maps, draw maps, and complete mapping exercises in our history curriculum. One learning method, however, that ALWAYS speaks to them (no matter the subject) is using an app on the iPad. Enter GeoMaster Plus - one of our all [...]