Stack the States {Kindle App}

Stack the States {Kindle App} thumbnail

Did you know that Tennessee is nicknamed the "volunteer state"? Can your child identify his states and capitals with ease? What about the state flags, any of those looking familiar?  States and capitals are something we want our kids to know. But, we don't want to make a big fuss over it and have it [...]

Technology in the Homeschool by Curriculum Choice Authors thumbnail

There are so many ways to introduce technology in your homeschool whether it be science oriented, user oriented (like tablets and computers), or even assistive devices for special needs students. Today Curriculum Choice authors are sharing how we use technology in our homeschools. Heather Woodie: Ten Reasons to Use a Kindle in Your Homeschool Part [...]

Learning Geography With GeoMaster Plus App

Learning Geography With GeoMaster Plus App thumbnail

Geography is one of those subjects that is best learned through multiple approaches. My children trace maps, draw maps, and complete mapping exercises in our history curriculum. One learning method, however, that ALWAYS speaks to them (no matter the subject) is using an app on the iPad. Enter GeoMaster Plus - one of our all [...]

Rocks HD App Review

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I'd like to introduce you to a new app by Sprout Labs. Rocks HD is simple yet fun and educational. The app has four sections: rocks, soil, minerals, and fossils. Each page in every section includes a high definition picture and a fun fact at the bottom. There are also glowing circles called 'hotspots' on [...]

{Review} Trucks and Shadows App for Preschoolers

{Review} Trucks and Shadows App for Preschoolers thumbnail

Disclosure: I received a free download of Trucks and Shadows in exchange for my honest review.   Billy, who is 6, enjoyed it a bit, but Ian, who is now 2, simply loves  it. It's usually the first app he opens when I let him play with either my phone or our iPad.     Trucks [...]

Kindergarten Math Splash App Review

Kindergarten Math Splash App Review thumbnail

Splash into Math Fun this Summer! It's time to dive into summer with Study Pad's Kindergarten Math Splash! This adventurous App can be purchased for your little one for about $9.99, at the App store, and it is worth every cent.  Our family recommends Kindergarten Math Splash for children entering kindergarten or for for graduating [...]

Civics Education: Pocket Law Firm iPad App Review thumbnail

The first thing to note is this iPad app is FREE! -- so it's a low risk, delete-if-you-don't-like-it investment. Created by iCivics, Pocket Law Firm app turns the user into the owner of a law firm determined to defend the US Constitution.  As the one in charge, you handle clients, helping to match their cases to [...]

Practice and Test Spelling Words with The Spelling Bee App thumbnail

Tip Tach Tech knew how much I loved their math facts app Mathopolis, so they offered to let me try their new spelling app: The Spelling Bee.  I had high hopes and wasn't disappointed! With this app your child can play games with spelling words and be tested on them.  You can add multiple players [...]