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Here at The Curriculum Choice, our passion is making homeschool decisions easy. And right here at the height of back to school time, we have a basket brimming with homeschool curriculum choices just for YOU!

Homeschool Curriculum Choices Giveaway at The Curriculum Choice ($477 value!)Today our authors are sharing with you some of their favorite curriculum choices. And we are giving away this awesome basket to one blessed Curriculum Choice reader! It is $477.34 worth of curriculum WOW!

Homeschool Curriculum Choices from Our Review Team

Some of our very best resources for making homeschool curriculum choices are listed for you, below!

What is included in our Homeschool Curriculum Choices Basket Giveaway?

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Here is what is included in that awesome basket giveaway…

heart of learning

1. The Heart of Learning, from Oak Meadow Homeschool Curriculum Publishers (retail value $25) – A guide to hands-on learning, mindful parenting, nature-based learning and more. Thanks to Betsy for all of her wonderful Oak Meadow reviews!

Geography bundle -- North Star Geography and WonderMaps
2. A Geography bundle from Bright Ideas Press  – (value $89) One (1) digital copy of North Star Geography and one (1) Wondermaps. Don’t miss Susan Williams’ review of North Star Geography here at The Curriculum Choice.

Apologia Homeschool Bundle3. Apologia Tote Bag Full of Homeschool Curriculum ($244 retail value) – One (1) Winner’s choice of elementary science $39, elementary science booking journal, A Light For My Path, How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You, How Do We know God is Really There? and I Believe in Homeschooling Tote Bag!

Apologia Tote GiveawayBe sure to browse all the Apologia reviews here at The Curriculum Choice!
You ARE an Artist Bundle of Art Curriculum4. You Are an Artist Bundle from chalkpastel.com – Art for all ages with a variety of topics that appeal to all!
5. $5 Amazon Gift Card – our author, Kortney Garrison, has generously donated a $5 gift card towards your purchase at Amazon. Be sure to subscribe to her blog, One Deep Drawer, as one of your entries, below. You will receive a copy of her Celebrating the 50 days of Easter.
Creative Nature Study Cover 46. 100+ Creative Nature Walks by Cindy West of Shining Dawn Books ($8.95 value)
MindsMoreAwakeCover (large)7. Minds More Awake Charlotte Mason ebook by Anne E. White ($7.50 on Amazon Kindle)

Mysteries of Time and Creation Review
8. Creation Science 4 Kids by Cheri Fields (Free) – Be sure to read Annie Kate’s review of this great resource!

Expedition Mexico by AmandaBennett.com9. Expedition Mexico by AmandaBennett.com ($8.95) – which is a perfect complement to…

Butterflies by AmandaBennett.com10. Butterflies by AmandaBennett.com ($8.95) – NEW! Take a look at how much we’ve been enjoying this study!

Homeschool Curriculum Choices Giveaway at The Curriculum Choice ($477 value!)

What an amazing basket full of so many items for your homeschool!

Now for the Giveaway!

One (1) The Curriculum Choice reader will win the contents of the basket pictured above and the contents listed above. (Basket not included). Textbooks will be mailed directly to the winner. All ebooks will be delivered via email to the winner.

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Apologia Biology Science SuperSet Review

In our homeschool we are quite familiar with Apologia Biology. This year will be our third year with this wonderful study. I have fond memories of our eldest two children starting high school with Exploring Creation with Biology! However, there are several new tools that I want to share with you today – in this Apologia Biology Science SuperSet!

With Giveaway! Apologia Biology Super Set - Review at The Curriculum ChoiceExploring Creation with Biology sure meets the needs of a brand new high school student – with tips for the homeschool teacher and student along the way.

~Don’t miss the giveaway at the end! We received this Apologia Biology student notebook, MP3 audio and instructional DVD in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we love the benefits and blessings we are continuing to see from this high school level study. Please see our disclosure policy.

Why the Apologia Biology SuperSet?

A Creation-Based Biology Course. This course is Christ centered and God glorifying! Isn’t this the ultimate goal of all our studies? An appreciation and deeper knowledge of God!

“Are you ready to be impressed? If not, you’d better get ready. Why? Because in this course, you are going to get a broad overview of God’s creation. As you begin to learn its secrets, you will become more and more impressed with its majesty and complexity. The sheer grandeur of it all should leave you in awe of God’s mighty power. If you learn nothing else in this course, learn to appreciate the wonder of God’s creation!” ~Apologia Biology text

Video Instruction DVD for Apologia BiologyAnd don’t miss the review of the Video Instruction DVD that accompanies this course!

Everything you need is in the course – each module has the information to study, the questions to complete, experiments to perform and the test to take. This also includes the solutions to module questions and tests. There are even suggestions for how to grade the course – percentages to grade for tests and lab experiments.

Most of what you need for the experiments you can find at home or the grocery store. There is a suggested laboratory equipment set available. And you can purchase equipment for the experiments from Apologia.

What Does Apologia Biology Include?

Apologia Biology 2nd Edition  – As I mentioned in my previous reviews of Apologia high school science, all of the Apologia high school courses help the student learn to study. The courses promote independent learning.

Included in Biology Text:

  • 16 modules (each module should take about two weeks to complete with one hour each school day devoted to studying biology.)
  • Own Your Own Questions in each module help reinforce concepts in the student’s mind.
  • Study Guide at the end of each module for review and test preparation
  • Bold print text for memorization
  • Quality images throughout (good for my visual learner)
  • A special website to accompany the course
  • Glossary
  • Appendices
  • Experiments – designed to be completed as the student is reading the text

List of Laboratory Equipment Needed


  1. Biology: The Study of Life
  2. Kingdom Monera
  3. Kingdom Protista
  4. Kingdom Fungi
  5. The Chemistry of Life
  6. The Cell
  7. Cellular Reproduction and DNA
  8. Mendelian Genetics
  9. Evolution: Part Scientific Theory, Part Unconfirmed Hypothesis
  10. Ecology
  11. The Invertebrates of Kingdom Animalia
  12. Phylum Arthropoda
  13. Phylum Chordata
  14. Kingdom Plantae: Anatomy and Classification
  15. Kingdom Plantae: Physiology and Reproduction
  16. Reptiles, Birds and Mammals

Apologia Biology Instructional DVDMore Biology Resources Available

OK, here comes the part where I say, Wow! I sure wish we’d had these resources the first time around! Wow, indeed! Don’t miss these…

Apologia Biology Instructional DVD ReviewNew this year! Instructional DVD – hosted by Sherri Seligson, includes (take this slow and read each one carefully and you will see why I say wow!) This is huge for visual and auditory learners. Well, all learners:

  • Instructional videos from each module <–
  • Animated diagrams of difficult concepts <–
  • Over 20 hours of biology instruction <–
  • Video presentation of every experiment from the textbook <–

Biology experiments included in Apologia Biology video instructional DVD

My son, who completed Apologia Biology over two years ago even likes to join in. He is an auditory learner and is a big fan of all Apologia science!

“On-location footage takes your student all over the United States and to exotic locales such as the Caribbean and Iceland.”

Biology Video Instructional DVDHow to use it: Place in your DVD drive of your Windows or Mac computer and use a program, such as QuickTime to view.

Apologia Biology Student Notebook Review at The Curriculum ChoiceStudent Notebook – I LOVE this thing!  This is the ‘even more’ of instructions and helps. First available in 2015, this is such wonderful tool for note taking, study practice for tests and for keeping record of experiments. In my opinion, this is an important key for success. A dedicated, preprinted notebook, detailing what the student needs to do. A schedule to follow and encouragement for note taking and independent research.

“A new feature, found only in this notebook, is a section called “Designing an Experiment” that leads students through the process of doing science. This is an optional section, but it is highly recommended for students who plan to study the sciences in college. Students can start this section at any point in the course. Encourage them to investigate something that is puzzling or interesting to them.” ~ Biology Student Notebook

Apologia Biology Student Notebook Review at The Curriculum ChoiceA peek inside the Biology Student Notebook.

This notebook is what helps encourage independent study and take responsibility. The suggested study is golden – yet flexible for homeschool families!

Apologia Biology MP3 Audio BookMP3 Audio CD: Now this is super handy for all that car school time each week. Or for my 8th grader to simply have some quiet listening time to herself in this busy household.

Apologia Chemistry for Homeschool High SchoolWhat Age is Apologia Biology Designed For?

The Exploring Creation with Chemistry course is designed for high school level students. We decided with our older children to begin Biology in 8th grade so that we could take our time and ‘practice’ the rigor of a high school level course. This was after some wonderful advice and many thanks to seasoned homeschool mom, Barb-Harmony Art Mom. My 8th grader completed Exploring Creation with General Science last year when she was in 7th grade. See the course sequencing on the Apologia website for more details.

What is required?

  • Text
  • Laboratory items
  • Lab journal (suggested)

Apologia Biology ReviewHow We Use Apologia Biology in Our Homeschool

My eighth grader reads the assignment and does independent research. She uses the student notebook heavily (as she is a very ‘hands on’ learner) and answers the ‘On Your Own’ questions as she is reading each module. After completing a module, she completes the accompanying test. We usually plan these for a Friday afternoon. Experiments we plan for a Friday (one of our ‘Extras’ Days or on Science Saturday with Dad!)

“Science is a way of knowing the world that God has given us, and it is a fascinating and rewarding study!” ~ Biology Student Notebook

Where Can You Find Apologia Biology?

Find each of the titles at the Apologia website. There you can browse all the titles, experiment materials, lab list, FAQs and more.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry Review at The Curriculum ChoiceLooking for More Apologia Resources?

You might like my reviews of:

Now For Super Set the Giveaway!

Apologia is generously offering one (1) Biology Science SuperSet to a Curriculum Choice reader. The prize pack includes the hard cover Student Textbook, solutions manual, MP3 Audio CD, the Student Notebook and Video Instruction DVD! How awesome is that? <—-

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Homeschooling for fifteen years now, Tricia faces a daily dose of chaos with five children from elementary to high school. She is author of art curriculum for all ages and helpful homeschool habits at Hodgepodge. She and her husband, Steve, are owners of Curriculum Choice.


Dover Publications partnered with Education.com to offer more affordable workbooks that are fun and engaging. We like Dover workbooks to keep our minds fresh and engaged during the summer months but they can also be used to reinforce skills throughout the year.

Dover and Education logosThe variety of activities throughout each workbook helps keep my boys engaged because there is always something different to do; they never get bored. For me, the variety is a real positive because it touches on many of the different learning styles; there is something for everyone!

Dover Publications and Education.com Elementary Workbooks for Homeschool

All Sorts of Science (5th grade, ages 10-11) is full of fun facts about science. Your students will learn about a variety of science subject areas including weather, biology, earth science, anatomy, chemistry and more!024

My son loves the different themes in this workbook, as well as the variety of experiments, crafts, and word games. I love that the experiments use items that we already have around the house, making them easy and inexpensive to complete.

Your World of Words (5th grade, ages 10-11) is all about books and words. The workbook has vocabulary and spelling pages, as well as writing and reading skills. The activities are engaging and make learning words fun!


My son really enjoys the figurative language activities; they are fun and easy to understand. My favorite part was the character analysis activities; my son really seems to grasp the concept well.

Write Away (3rd grade, ages 8-9) includes creative and narrative writing prompts. I recommend this for those who may struggle with typical writing assignments because these writing prompts are far from the usual dry and boring assignments. The workbook also teaches how to write personal narratives and biographies.


The Wacky Writing section is my son’s favorite. I especially like the engaging activities that teach the tools a writer needs for success—sensory words and action verbs, characterization, and supporting details.

Math Mania (4th graders, ages 9-10) reinforces whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. This is a resource for practicing math facts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as other important upper elementary math skills.


The themes and activities are fun, which makes doing math a little more enjoyable than looking at black and white pages of math problems. I like that the activities challenge my son without being overwhelming.

Curriculum Choice Website AdWhere can you find these Workbooks for Elementary Students? Special Discount!

Find each of the titles at the Dover Publications website. Plus for a limited time, you can get 25% off your order. Just use code WHBA through 9/01/15. There are just SO many resources for your homeschool. Be sure to visit Dover Publications and browse their teacher resources section.

Now for the giveaway!

Dover Publications is offering the winner’s choice of resources to one Curriculum Choice reader. The set includes four (4) workbooks.

Simply follow the instructions in the rafflecopter widget below…
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I received these Dover Publications resources and compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please see our disclosure policy.


Hand to Page: A Year of Art Journaling by Christine Hiester

Are you looking for a fine arts curriculum for your high schooler?  Wondering what you might teach for co-op?  Maybe your planned time off this summer hasn’t been quite as restful as you’d hoped.  Maybe you’re looking for a way to nourish your own creativity even in the midst of this busy homeschooling life.

A Year of Art Journaling

A Year of Art Journaling: A Beginner Course in Artful Discovery by Christine Hiester might be just what you are looking for!  It’s an ebook (no shipping! immediate delivery!) that opens up the world of art journaling.  Each chapter features an inspirational quote along with an original piece created by Christine displaying the given technique.

landing page 1This is not a textbook; there are no extended descriptions of techniques.

This is a living book, a book that makes you want to get out your supplies and start working.

Included at the end of the book is a printable supplies list, but I bet you already have many supplies on hand.  I completed the first project (pictured above) with supplies left over from VBS!

A Year of Art Journaling would pair beautifully with Barb McCoy’s Harmony Fine Arts Mini Units.  The combination of real, practical art instruction with art history will add depth and richness to your fine arts study!

Screenshot 2015-07-16 at 7.47.04 AMI encourage you to sign up for Christine’s free Bare Branch Blooming Artful Newsletter.  When you do, you’ll also receive a copy of her book called 10 Steps to a Simple Gluebooking Practice.  Gluebooking is another name for simple collage work.

On the first Saturday of every month, Christine hosts a Gluebooking Party.  It’s a great way to carve out a little creative time and to begin working in an approachable medium.  She provides a prompt and suggests a colorway.  Then artists work and share via Instagram.

The gluebooking party gives you the opportunity to let your children see you filling up your own tank, being inspired, putting your hand to the page.

Christine has generously created a coupon code exclusively for Curriculum Choice readers.  Through August 25th, you can use the code OneDeepDrawer5off to receive $5 off your purchase of this excellent resource!  You won’t be disappointed!

Kortney Garrison lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. Her days are filled with stories and poems, nature walks, drawing, and pots of tea. She writes about homeschooling through the church year at kortneygarrison.com.






Mysteries of Time and Creation

Mysteries of Time and Creation Review by Annie Kate at The Curriculum Choice

Cheri Fields of Creation Science 4 Kids is passionate about showing kids that Creation is a valid scientific view point. She has just published an ebook, Mysteries of Time and Creation: A Short Intro to Young Earth Creation, that can help parents teach this to their children.

Written for middle schoolers, this short ebook sums up little known ideas about the age of the earth and evolution. You will not find these ideas in mainstream media because evolution is so ingrained into our society that few are willing to look at evidence against it.

Cheri begins by discussing the biblical truth about the days of creation, the world’s original perfection, and what happened after Adam and Eve sinned. Then she discusses a main background reason people like and promote the idea of an ancient earth rather than a young one. After this groundwork the rest of the book presents scientific rather than biblical evidence.

Scientific procedures such as radiometric testing of rocks, carbon 14 dating, starlight, ice cores, rock layers, and tree rings are explained in simple terms. Next Cheri discusses signs the earth is not all that old: the earth-moon distance, the saltiness of the ocean, continental erosion, lack of mud on the ocean floors, the earth’s magnetic field, supernova remnants, and helium in rocks.

After this Cheri turns to evolution and explains the incredible complexity of life. She details the difference between natural selection and adaptation, both of which can be observed, and evolution, which is a historical theory. She mentions and dismisses genetic drift in one paragraph, spending a lot more time on mutations. She explains the different kinds of mutations and their effects, pointing out that even the amount of mutations humans carry, their Genetic Load, points to a recent beginning of human mutations.

Cheri links to some resources in the body of her book, and has a resource list at the end as well. For other interesting information about creation, you can follow Cheri on Google+ or subscribe to Creation Science 4 Kids. However, for a comprehensive overview I recommend Mysteries of Time and Creation: A Short Intro to Young Earth Creation. 

Written at a middle school level, but also a good introduction or summary for teens and adults, the Mysteries of Time and Creation is a valuable resource. Because Cheri is so passionate about sharing this information, she offers the book for free here and for the lowest allowed price here.