Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies

Discover 4 Yourself Bible Study for Kids – Review

A couple of years ago now my eldest said that he really loved reading the Bible every day to get us going. But what he really wanted to do was study it and understand everything inside. Of course his words warmed my heart, but they also set me off to look for something that would [...]

Promise and Deliverance by S.G. De Graaf

Promise and Deliverance by S.G. De Graaf thumbnail

It can be difficult to find a quality narrative Bible curriculum for teens and adults. The four volume Promise and Deliverance series by S.G. De Graaf, first published years ago, is still among the best. Many years ago Christianity Today called it “A landmark in interpreting the simple stories of the Bible” and that assessment [...]

Apologia: A Light for My Path Review

Light to My Path Review | The Curriculum Choice

Ever see a book that looks wonderful but you just want to see inside it before you buy?  Let me take you inside a lovely little book published by Apologia Press: A Light for my Path by Davis Carman. It is such a lovely little picture book and has so much more in it than meets the [...]

Picture Smart Bible

Picture Smart Bible thumbnail

The boys and I have been reading through various books of the Bible through the school year. It’s been an enjoyable process for us, but I like to keep the boys focused on what we are reading and be sure they understand, to some degree, what we’re learning/reading as well. A few years ago I [...]

180 Days In The Word

180 Days In The Word thumbnail

We recently, thanks to the author, tried out 180 Days In The Word. It’s thusly named because you spend 180 days of your school year reading through your entire Bible. When this was offered up for us to review I was pretty excited to give it a go as the boys had just been given [...]

Bible, Character Training and Bible Recource | The Curriculum Choice

As a homeschool mom, raising my kids for Christ is my most primary goal. It's a sublime one that isn't easy in the world we live in. After lots of love, being a good example and lots of prayer, great resources are next in line as an aid to accomplishing this sometimes daunting task. There [...]

Picture Smart Bible Curriculum

Picture Smart Bible Curriculum thumbnail

Do you have a visual learner?  How about an artist?  How about a linguistic learner?  Kinesthetic, maybe?  One who likes to make ordered lists in his or her mind? Well, parents of all kinds of learners are in luck!  The Picture Smart Bible curriculum meets so many learning styles and works for all ages - [...]

Ambleside Online: The Perfect Fit for Our Family thumbnail

  When I began researching homeschooling options way back when, I ran across Ambleside Online and was immediately intrigued. For various reasons, I ended up selecting another curriculum to begin with; however, Christmas found me lingering on the Ambleside Online website. By the New Year, we jumped into Year 1 and haven’t looked back since. [...]