The Story Of…An Introduction To The Classics thumbnail

  In our home, anything that makes offering music appreciation easier is a big plus. Our family has used many of the The Story of ...Introduction to The Classics CDs as part of our weekly music selections. This series makes learning about great composers super easy and enjoyable. There is nothing more enjoyable than turning [...]

Beautiful Cursive and Art Lessons from Classical Conversations thumbnail

We a found a piece of curriculum that is enhancing our homeschool in several ways. PreScripts: Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons (Medieval to Modern World History) is something my eight-year-old son enjoys immensely, and I LOVE what he is learning! From the introduction to the workbook: Rather than resorting to mindless busywork that isolates our [...]

How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare

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This post contains affiliate links because I own this book and highly recommend it. See full disclosure policy for more details. We all appreciate any help we can get in teaching anything to do with Shakespeare.  How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig is a guide to teaching your children to memorize some [...]

The Story of Science Series by Joy Hakim

The Story of Science Series by Joy Hakim thumbnail

We are a family of readers and science lovers. The Story of Science series from Joy Hakim is colorful, interesting, and fits in with a chronological study of science perfectly. What a gift to find a series of science books that my boys could read, digest, and share with others! There are three books in [...]

Traditional English Sentence Style Helps Prepare Students for College-Level Composition thumbnail

  Ask a college English professor and chances are he or she will tell you that most incoming freshmen are woefully unprepared for college-level compositions. Why? Consider this commentary from Dr. Robert Einarsson, professor of English at Grant Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta: In the past, the carefully structured sentence was the medium for encapsulating [...]

Classical Copywork Review

Classical Copywork Review thumbnail

Our family has used the classical homeschooling method in various forms for over a decade. My boys grew up listening to the Story of the World and learning about great thinkers in history. They read poetry, Shakespeare, the Bible, and living history as they connected all aspects of history together in their minds and on [...]

Motel of the Mysteries by David Macaulay

Motel of the Mysteries by David Macaulay thumbnail

Everyone who studies ancient history relies on archeological finds.  That makes sense, and it’s fascinating to see all the artifacts in books or, even better, in museums.  It’s also fascinating to learn about ancient people’s cultures, religion, and daily life from objects found in ruins. But wait, do the objects really tell us the story…or [...]

Favorite Poems Old and New

I cannot remember where I first heard about Favorite Poems Old and New, but I do recall the excitement when I finally found it somewhere, second-hand and affordable. This sturdy volume of almost 600 pages is a treasure.  Last night Miss 12 was wandering around aimlessly, so we grabbed the book and settled down on [...]