Write From … History

Write From … History thumbnail

Late last year author, Kimberly Garcia, contacted and asked if we'd be interested in reviewing any of her books in the Write From History series. Did we ever! One look told me that my boys would enjoy them and I wasn't mistaken at all. The books are wonderfully done and written with the homeschooler in [...]

Traditional English Sentence Style Helps Prepare Students for College-Level Composition thumbnail

  Ask a college English professor and chances are he or she will tell you that most incoming freshmen are woefully unprepared for college-level compositions. Why? Consider this commentary from Dr. Robert Einarsson, professor of English at Grant Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta: In the past, the carefully structured sentence was the medium for encapsulating [...]

The Word Spy

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One day while wandering the aisles of the children’s library with my boys I came across a book entitled The Word Spy. It caught my attention on so many levels – I snatched it up and started reading through it. It’s beautifully written, captivating and downright funny. Despite my children’s young ages at the time, [...]

Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons: Workbooks thumbnail

As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, I've used and loved Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl for years and years.  The goals of the books are to create students who are confident and capable to speak and write the English language.  As my third child grows toward being ready for these, I [...]

Staying “Up to Speed” With Grammar Minutes thumbnail

Each of my children (grades six and two) has a gentle grammar program they use. I want to make sure, however, that they know what will be required of them when they take standardized tests this spring. I was  looking for something quick, engaging, and low stress to assess their grammar skills. Grammar Minutes  has [...]

Growing With Grammar Review

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I consider finding a good grammar curriculum one of the important foundations for my kids. We have tried several different ones. Each one was good in their own ways but just not right for my kids. When I was introduced to Growing with Grammar (GWG) I decided to give it a try. I am so [...]

A Gentle Approach to Grammar with Grammar Island thumbnail

Grammar Island is part of Michael Clay Thompson's Language Arts series.  (We've also been using Building Language this year, and have been so pleased!)  It is designed to be a gentle introduction to grammar for the elementary student.  Ironically, this "gentle" approach also introduces concepts that might be saved for middle and/or high school. The [...]

Fun, New Way to Learn Diagramming

Need something to break up the hum drum of learning diagramming? If so, this may be the perfect thing for you!  The Big Bad Grammar Slammer: The Diagramming Game is a unique way to incorporate learning with fun. Students start with the tutorials, learning the sentence structure and proper diagramming process, then they get to [...]