Life of Fred Elementary Math Review

Life of Fred Review

One of the treasures we have found for our homeschool is the Life of Fred Elementary Math Series. I was intrigued when I first heard about them because they are written in a story format about a little boy named Fred who uses math in his everyday life. Fred is a 5 year old boy [...]

Your Business Math Series by Simply Charlotte Mason – REVIEW thumbnail

Have your children thought about starting their own business? Would you like your kids to learn how to write checks and “balance the books”? For the past several years our homeschool studies have included discussions and lessons about business and entrepreneurship.  This year we have added a fun and practical resource to our studies called: [...]

Key to Geometry Review

Key to Geometry Review thumbnail

Do you know what Miss 13 and I do every day?  We sit down on the couch with Key to Geometry, a unique, hands-on geometry course, and spend some happy time together. Presented in eight booklets (the first six just over 50 pages each and the last two around 150 pages each), Key to Geometry [...]

Review Math On DVD Calculus

Review Math On DVD Calculus thumbnail

Last winter I reviewed Math on DVD Pre-Calculus by Steven Gottlieb.  Since then my son has been learning calculus, and it has not been easy.  However, his frustrating experience has often been soothed by a session with Math on DVD Calculus 1.  As a physicist I’ve worked with calculus for many years, but I do [...]

A Collection Of Math Lessons Review

A Collection Of Math Lessons Review thumbnail

When my twelve-year-old was seven, math became a chore for him and thus it became a chore for me. When the mere mention of math time caused panic and fear in both of us, I decided we needed to change our routine up. At that point I’d been doing a lot of research and running [...]

No-Nonsense Algebra

No-Nonsense Algebra thumbnail

Oh, my goodness.  I'm in love.  Better yet, my son is in love. Let me back this story up just a bit...We have used and loved Saxon Math for years.  My oldest has thrived on it and we have no plans to change gears for her.  However, my son has complained about Saxon since the [...]

Math On DVD Pre-Calculus by Steven Gottlieb

Math On DVD Pre-Calculus by Steven Gottlieb thumbnail

There’s always a lot to learning math.  New ideas.  Funny symbols. Last year’s concepts, almost forgotten, but suddenly important again. And, above all, radically new ways of thinking, especially for high school math.  Because it takes many exposures to these new ideas to really understand them, your teens will benefit from supplementary math resources no [...]

Math Splash iPad App Grade 5

We were offered a free code in exchange for a review of the Math Splash App at the 5th grade level. Always looking for ways to add fun to our math lessons I was happy to accept the offer. We’ve played with the app a fair bit to get a good feel of how it [...]