NaturExplorers – Delightful Deciduous Trees Unit Study thumbnail

October is here and autumn is beginning to pick up momentum. Everywhere we look deciduous trees are giving us the most fabulous display. It is the perfect time to take a deeper look at deciduous trees in your nature study time. For this month I have chosen to work with my girls using a Shining [...]

Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists

Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists thumbnail

This post contains affiliate links to books we love and use in our family. What would the world be without birds? Birds are a favorite subject for young children as they spy birds in their yards and at near-by parks. Nurturing a love of birds is easy when you have one or two of Peterson [...]

Science and Nature Resources from Curriculum Choice Review Authors thumbnail

"She who opens her eyes and her heart nature-ward even once a week finds nature study in the schoolroom a delight and an abiding joy......She finds, first of all, companionship with her children; and second, she finds that without planning or going on a far voyage, she has found health and strength." Handbook of Nature [...]

Weather Wits and Science Snickers by Steve LaNore

Weather Wits and Science Snickers by Steve LaNore thumbnail

What’s the difference between a dust devil and a tornado?  Why don’t vacuum cleaners work on the moon? What do raindrops look like? With Steve LaNore you can learn these and other science tidbits while laughing through Weather Wits and Science Snickers. This 57 page softcover book is full of Corny Jokes and Cool Facts [...]

Ambleside Online: The Perfect Fit for Our Family thumbnail

  When I began researching homeschooling options way back when, I ran across Ambleside Online and was immediately intrigued. For various reasons, I ended up selecting another curriculum to begin with; however, Christmas found me lingering on the Ambleside Online website. By the New Year, we jumped into Year 1 and haven’t looked back since. [...]

Get In on the Fun of Birdwatching with BirdSleuth thumbnail

Okay, I’ll just admit it right here and now. Nature study is not our strong point. We don’t go on nature walks, nor do we keep nature journals. But we have one saving grace in this department: we’ve been backyard birders for years. In fact, my eldest could identify four bird species before she was [...]

“Owls” Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child thumbnail

There’s something special about owls. Their golden-eyed gaze, silent flight, nocturnal ways, and mysterious calls capture our imaginations and fascinate our minds. In fact, owls are my family’s favorite bird. If it were legal to own one, we would! So my daughters were thrilled with the Owls Project Pack from In the Hands of a [...]

Crowe’s Nest Media is offering Curriculum Choice readers a giveaway of a Monarch DVD plus the first 25 readers to use the special coupon codes below will be able to get a special discount on two Your Backyard products. Don’t miss them!   Earlier this year I reviewed Your Backyard Monarch DVD from Crowe’s Nest [...]