Color-By-Number Worksheets from Mama’s Learning Corner – Review thumbnail

My kindergartener did not really like to color until the last couple of weeks. He does love to paint and he enjoys art time. But simple coloring did not appeal to him. What happened to make such a big change for my five-year-old son? ~ This review contains affiliate links because we love this homeschool [...]

Scripture Stickies

Scripture Stickies thumbnail

Although most Christians believe in the importance of memorizing the Bible, many of us find it difficult to do.  This is a problem, because as Christian homeschoolers our main task is to teach our children about the Lord, and that includes memorizing his Word.  Lately our family has been using Scripture Stickies, a unique and [...]

Activity Village: A Valuable Source for FREE Notebooking Pages thumbnail

  I don't recall how I happened upon this site, but I'm glad I did. Activity Village is a huge site devoted to crafts and activities for children. You could easily spend hours perusing all they have available (ask me how I know!). Everything I've seen is marvelous, but what really makes me full of [...]

Favorite Poems Old and New

I cannot remember where I first heard about Favorite Poems Old and New, but I do recall the excitement when I finally found it somewhere, second-hand and affordable. This sturdy volume of almost 600 pages is a treasure.  Last night Miss 12 was wandering around aimlessly, so we grabbed the book and settled down on [...]

Discovery Toys “Busy Bugs”

We LOVE Discovery Toys! Ever heard of them? They've been around for many, many years and they have a bunch of fun, educational toys for infants to adults. One of our most favorite is Busy Bugs! They make learning so much fun! The set consists of 35 bugs and 23 cards. There are several ways you can use [...]

Geography Songs

You know how, in secret societies, people recognize each other by a sign, a gesture, or a word?  Well, that’s how I used to feel about Geography Songs. You’d just have to start, “North A-MER-i-ca,” and any homeschooler nearby would join in, “South A-MER-i-ca!”  That’s how we could tell who homeschooled. I haven’t heard much [...]

Anno’s Math Books

It is very difficult to find living math books that present complex topics in an accessible way.  One math author whose books we have learned to love is Mitsumasa Anno.  Anno believes “that mathematics is more than merely manipulating numbers, it is a way of thinking, and that it has bearing on all scholastic subjects, [...]

Arithmetic Village Review and Giveaway

Arithmetic Village Review and Giveaway thumbnail

I am always on the lookout for living math books, and when I stumbled upon Arithmetic Village, I knew I had to read this new series of books with my children. The five books arrived, and after one reading we were hooked. Ever since then my children, ages 5, 7, and 9, have chosen to [...]