Favorite Children’s Books by Age or Grade

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Welcome to our Favorite Children's Books by the authors here at Curriculum Choice! In today’s post you will find living books for every age or grade level. Is your favorite book included? You may even discover a new author or beloved book series. Be sure to bookmark or pin this for future reference. You won’t want to miss [...]

Apologia: A Light for My Path Review

Light to My Path Review | The Curriculum Choice

Ever see a book that looks wonderful but you just want to see inside it before you buy?  Let me take you inside a lovely little book published by Apologia Press: A Light for my Path by Davis Carman. It is such a lovely little picture book and has so much more in it than meets the [...]

Go for the Gold with Olympic Games!

Is your family looking forward to the Olympic Games this summer? My children are already talking about which events they hope to catch on TV. (My secret hope is that the stations show more sports coverage and less chit-chat, but that’s just me.) Even if Olympics fever hasn't yet hit your house, now is a [...]

Let’s be honest. In the ocean of children’s books, there’s a whole lot of flotsam and jetsam. Just because a book is popular doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile. On the flip side, just because a book is decades old doesn’t mean it’s a classic. Parents, particularly homeschooling parents, need someone whom they can trust to help [...]

A Necklace for Jiggsy Author: Kit Grady Softback; 18 pages Suggested Age: 4 - 12 ISBN: 978161630910 Retail: $10.95 I really like this book as it teaches children about honesty and a little about life. It is a quick story with really neat, bright pictures. The story is about a junk yard dog named Jiggsy [...]

Hooked on Phonics

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I've never wanted to be that homeschool mom that pushed and pushed her kids so hard that they felt like all she wanted was perfection from them.  I decided at the beginning of this school year that I would do some "school" with my 5-year-old, but nothing too intense. I decided our goal for the [...]

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At the risk of being redundant, I'd like to highlight one more of Peggy Kaye's Games books. I've already reviewed Games for Math and Games for Writing here at The Curriculum Choice. All three books are similar in format, but I've found each of them to be of such great value that I just had to [...]

Read for the Heart – A Book about Books

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I have yet to meet a homeschool family that did not love books.  On my quest to find wonderful books to be read to or by my children I have read quite a few ‘books about books’.  One volume has earned a place on my personal shelf to be used often.  That book is Read [...]