7 Sisters Innovative Homeschool Helps Review thumbnail

High school allows time for our children to pursue their interests, testing them out to see if that interest is something they would like to pursue in the future either on their own or in a formal college course. I received several Seven Sisters courses as a prize and I took the opportunity to pick [...]

Traditional English Sentence Style Helps Prepare Students for College-Level Composition thumbnail

  Ask a college English professor and chances are he or she will tell you that most incoming freshmen are woefully unprepared for college-level compositions. Why? Consider this commentary from Dr. Robert Einarsson, professor of English at Grant Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta: In the past, the carefully structured sentence was the medium for encapsulating [...]

Activity Village: A Valuable Source for FREE Notebooking Pages thumbnail

  I don't recall how I happened upon this site, but I'm glad I did. Activity Village is a huge site devoted to crafts and activities for children. You could easily spend hours perusing all they have available (ask me how I know!). Everything I've seen is marvelous, but what really makes me full of [...]

Just Write Review

Our crew is definitely considered an electric homeschool family. We have used various curricula throughout our homeschool journey. However, there are a few select items that all my six children will complete during their education years. The Just Write series written by Educators Publishing Service (EPS) is designed to develop a confident and expressive writer. Short, yet [...]

Got an equine enthusiast in your family? (We do!) If so, why not encourage that interest and make it educational to boot? Simple Schooling’s The Science of Horses fits the bill. Written by J. Anne Huss, who earned an undergraduate degree in equine science, this ebook, an interactive unit study, comprises 15 units, a Final Projects [...]

Go for the Gold with Olympic Games!

Is your family looking forward to the Olympic Games this summer? My children are already talking about which events they hope to catch on TV. (My secret hope is that the stations show more sports coverage and less chit-chat, but that’s just me.) Even if Olympics fever hasn't yet hit your house, now is a [...]

What a treat for the eyes and a delight to the heart! I LOVE this book and any mom who is looking for ways to build on play-based learning, this book is a gem. The book, Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl, will help you create an atmosphere of learning by building spaces and providing activities [...]

Spectrum Writing-8 Review

Have you ever wondered how to help your young teens progress with their writing skills?  And how to evaluate how they were doing?   We did, when my daughter was 13 years old or so. We looked through a number of great homeschool writing curricula and then chose one that writes to the student: SPECTRUM WRITING [...]