Summer Enrichment-Brain Quest Workbooks

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In the past, homeschooling has been non-existant in our house during the summer months. But last fall, as we started school I realized just how much my 3rd grader had not retained from the previous school year. This was frustrating and I made a note to do thing differently this year. In preparing for this [...]

Hooked on Phonics

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I've never wanted to be that homeschool mom that pushed and pushed her kids so hard that they felt like all she wanted was perfection from them.  I decided at the beginning of this school year that I would do some "school" with my 5-year-old, but nothing too intense. I decided our goal for the [...]

Easy Grammar

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Grammar is one of those necessary subjects that isn't always the most fun to do. Easy Grammar makes it a little easier to complete what can be a daunting task. Easy Grammar is  a grade-by-grade program, teaching kids the essentials of grammar. There is about 180 lessons in each book, making for one easy lesson [...]

Evan-Moor History Pockets

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History is on of my very favorite subjects to teach.  I've always loved history and if you've read my blog for very long at all, you know I'm a project kind of homeschool mama. I don't use any one history curriculum...I use a wide variety of project books with one or two great spine books [...]

Doyle and Fossey, Science Detective Series

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As many moms out there can probably relate to, I have a son that's obsessed with SCIENCE!!  Or maybe more accurately, I have a son that's obsessed with reading science books.  He can fly through a book in a day and if I can't find him, I can almost count on the fact that he's [...]

Charlotte Mason Guides

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One of the very best things about homeschooling your kids is that you are free to choose any philosophy of teaching you wish.  Paying attention to the way your child learns and adhering to his/her needs in the classroom is a huge benefit that homeschooled kids have.  Many of you reading this review may have [...]

The Royal Diaries Series

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Since I was a little girl, I've been an avid reader.  I remember coming home from the library, barely able to balance on my 10-speed because of my huge load of delightful reading.  Even earlier than that, I remember my mom sighing as I climbed into bed, struggling with the stack of books I expected her to [...]


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Nature study can be so rewarding and memorable for our kids, but sometimes getting the motivation to go outside and go on nature walks can be tough.  Especially when the weather is cold and there's lots to do inside the house.  For me, I felt like I wanted to do fun nature walks, but had [...]