The Great Editing Adventure

Reminiscant of the one room school house, where the teacher would write a sentence to be corrected on the blackboard, The Great Editing Adventure series provides adventures that reviews grammar daily in this similar fashion. There are 3 adventure stories in vol. 1 that review grammar, writing mechanics, spelling, vocabulary, finding synonyms and dictionary use.  [...]

Science in a Nutshell

Science in a Nutshell kits by Delta Education are geared towards 2-6th grades.  They come in a huge array of life, earth and physical science topics.  There are enough materials for 3 children to use together including 3 student journals, and all the materials you will need to do the experiments, except household items.  You [...]

Primary Language Lessons

I'd like to start off with a little background before I give this review because I think that understanding the circumstances can be helpful to another mom with a similar situation. So, here I was homeschooling my two oldest boys and getting ready to begin some sort of formal studies with my third son. I was using Shurley [...]

Have you heard about Eeboo?

Brenda and I had the privilege to review products from a new-to-us company with a funny but memorable name, eeBoo. We decided to combine our reviews into one entry so you can see a variety of their items and get two different perspectives about a line of products that is sure to become one of [...]

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Or, so they say.  I'm not an old dog but after homeschooling for a number of years I felt like I'd heard and seen it all.  This is especially the case with a classical education, because I've been around since the beginning of the resurgence of the ever-so-popular [...]

Being a mother of five, I am often asked how I manage our homeschooling day.  Some are just curious and others are hoping to see if there is anything that we do differently that might help them manage their day.  Each family functions differently, and each mother desires a smooth-running home.  But the consistant theme [...]

Lively Latin

Lively Latin or, The Big Book as it is called, covers all the elements of a first year elementary Latin program in a fun and engaging way. These elements include: 1st and 2nd declension Latin nouns in their cases, and genders, the use of the nominative and ablative cases; 1st conjugation verbs in the present, [...]

Free Audio Books Review

 My Audio School is an online collection of audio books that are in the public domain.  We have been using My Audio School to supplement our TOG yr 2 readings.  The simple navigation makes it easy to find the book or subject that you are looking for. You are really not going to believe the [...]