The Revolutionary War Adventure

I am a big fan of Susan Kilbride’s Our America series of historical fiction for middle graders (and up!). In my review of the first three books, The Pilgrim Adventure, The King Philip’s War Adventure, and The Salem Adventure, I said I was looking forward to more from this author. I’m pleased to say the [...]

Overwhelmed: Victorious Living In the Midst of Financial Uncertainty thumbnail

No matter how financially secure we may feel, it only takes an unexpected crisis to threaten our security. Illness, job loss, and other circumstances can take a toll on our bank accounts as well as our peace of mind. And with financial stressors being the leading cause of marital discord, we can easily find ourselves [...]

Ambleside Online: The Perfect Fit for Our Family thumbnail

  When I began researching homeschooling options way back when, I ran across Ambleside Online and was immediately intrigued. For various reasons, I ended up selecting another curriculum to begin with; however, Christmas found me lingering on the Ambleside Online website. By the New Year, we jumped into Year 1 and haven’t looked back since. [...]

Middle Grades Historical Novels Bring the Past to Life thumbnail

Don't miss the information at the end! For a short time The King Philip's War Adventure is available for free download at Amazon! I love historical novels both for myself and for my children – provided they are well written and accurate. Not only are they fun and interesting to read, they are also a [...]

Get In on the Fun of Birdwatching with BirdSleuth thumbnail

Okay, I’ll just admit it right here and now. Nature study is not our strong point. We don’t go on nature walks, nor do we keep nature journals. But we have one saving grace in this department: we’ve been backyard birders for years. In fact, my eldest could identify four bird species before she was [...]

Traditional English Sentence Style Helps Prepare Students for College-Level Composition thumbnail

  Ask a college English professor and chances are he or she will tell you that most incoming freshmen are woefully unprepared for college-level compositions. Why? Consider this commentary from Dr. Robert Einarsson, professor of English at Grant Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta: In the past, the carefully structured sentence was the medium for encapsulating [...]

I am a dark chocoholic. For me, milk chocolate is for kids (although I’ll admit to savoring delicious milk chocolate in the UK), but dark chocolate is divine. In fact, the Latin name for the cacao tree is Theobroma cacao, which means “food of the gods.” This makes sense as the Aztecs believed that the [...]

Basic Physical Science Note Pack for Middle and High School thumbnail

In the Hands of a Child has done it again. Basic Physical Science Note Pack, a complete notebooking unit for older students (grades 7-12), includes everything your student needs to complete a physical science notebook. The 16-page Research Guide provides a basic but solid foundation in physical science subjects. General topics consist of: Matter, Non-Matter, [...]