Write From … History

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Late last year author, Kimberly Garcia, contacted and asked if we'd be interested in reviewing any of her books in the Write From History series. Did we ever! One look told me that my boys would enjoy them and I wasn't mistaken at all. The books are wonderfully done and written with the homeschooler in [...]

Picture Smart Bible

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The boys and I have been reading through various books of the Bible through the school year. It’s been an enjoyable process for us, but I like to keep the boys focused on what we are reading and be sure they understand, to some degree, what we’re learning/reading as well. A few years ago I [...]

Winter Promise Children Around The World

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I wanted my children, especially my eldest, to have a big year of geography again. I had noticed some of his skills were lacking. Not to mention it was time to expand upon some bigger geographical items as well. I looked at both Winter Promise’s Children Around {CAW} The World and Sonlight’s updated Core F. [...]

180 Days In The Word

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We recently, thanks to the author, tried out 180 Days In The Word. It’s thusly named because you spend 180 days of your school year reading through your entire Bible. When this was offered up for us to review I was pretty excited to give it a go as the boys had just been given [...]

Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner

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Hello, my name is Kendra and I’m addicted to planners. Planners. To me that one word is a complete sentence. True story. Most girls are addicted to shoes, shopping, or purses. Me, it’s planners & tote bags. They lure me in & before I know it I have purchased one, or both. Don’t miss the [...]

Seekers Of The Lost Boy

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A few months ago I caught wind that a homeschooling mamma had followed her passion and written a book. Not just any book, but a book that fit needs she saw. A book written about homeschoolers, for homeschoolers {and others}, that is full of vivid characters and places making the reader want to return to [...]

Math U See {MUS} Review

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A few years ago my children weren’t using a math curriculum at all. That’s not to say we weren’t doing math, but that I wasn’t using a curriculum to accomplish the task. Instead everything we did was done through games, stories, and hands on applications. My children learned most of the basics and some of [...]

Sequential Spelling Review

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A few years ago we decided that it was time to start introduce formal spelling lessons to our children, especially as one was struggling something fierce to spell correctly. We went with Spellwell which we enjoyed and saw some progress with, but we noticed that all of that didn’t carry over to everyday spelling with [...]