Editor in Chief

My last review I shared about my search for a grammar text that would finish our study of grammar. I found Our Mother Tongue, and I am pleased with the way it teaches grammar. But, it doesn't include sentence mechanics. (There is an appendix for the topic, but I don't find it adequate.) It doesn't [...]

Our Mother Tongue

I really love the Rod & Staff English curriculum. It is wonderfully thorough, sequential, and it just makes sense to me. (I even reviewed it on The Curriculum Choice. ) I thought I would continue using it through the 8th grade. But last year my son (currently 11 years old) asked me why he had [...]

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us – A Review

Do you sometimes read homeschool blogs and feel discouraged about your own homeschool? Does a homeschool book fair leave you feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities? Do you sometimes think that you aren't organized enough, creative enough, smart enough, or anything enough to homeschool? If so, you are not alone. I think that all homeschoolers [...]

Word Games

After my recent post on thinking games, I felt that this post on word games would be appropriate since our family enjoys several word games that are both fun and educational.  One challenge about playing word games with the whole family is that it is necessary for children to be able to read, unless, of [...]

Thinking Games

My family loves games. Over the years, we have acquired a fairly large collection. But even with our large collection, we usually receive at least one new game for Christmas. But all games are not created equal. There are games that are completely based on luck, completely based on skill, and all combinations in between. [...]

The Well-Educated Mind

The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had By Susan Wise Bauer I have a small confession to make. One of the reasons I homeschool is pretty selfish. I want to homeschool because it gives me the opportunity to learn so many things that I didn't learn in my own years [...]

Moody Science Classics

One of the goals my husband and I set when we first had children was to surround them with learning opportunities. We want them to love learning. And we don't want learning to be something that just happens during "school". Several years ago we saw an incredible special on the entire collection of Moody Science [...]

Finding Support

If you are just beginning to homeschool, you need to make it a priority to find outside support. There will be times when you will have questions or concerns that an experienced homeschooler can help you answer. Other times, you will need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Be very careful sharing [...]