Time Engineers: Experience Math

Why Time Engineers? Time Engineers is a CD Rom designed to teach math skills to middle school through high school students.  Not only does it teach math skills such as algebra it also concentrates on engineering skills. By taking students through history, this interactive computer game, takes math to a new level and one many [...]

Ooka Island Adventure

Since I have a struggling reader, I am always looking for tools to assist her achieve  Ooka Island is not intended for struggling readers solely.  It is a computer game designed to teach early literacy skills.  The visual and fun way Ooka Island uses can appeal to preschool through Kindergarteners.  It even appeals to my [...]

Envision Teaching Latin with Visual Latin

The thought of teaching Latin made me want to hide under a table. I did not think there would be any way for me to teach Latin. I never took Latin in school. I have no experience in this subject and quite frankly it is an intimidating subject if you are unfamiliar. Knowing that I [...]

How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Children

Product: How to Have a H.E.A.R.T For Your Kids by: Rachael Carman Target Audience: Homeschool Moms Format: Book Publisher: Apologia Cost: $13.00 After being a homeschool mom for nine years I can tell you all about the ups and downs. I can share the tears and the joy. I would tell you that my homeschool [...]

I Can Read! Made by God Series by ZonderKidz

Book Series: I Can Read! Made by God. Age Recommendation: 4 to 7 Use: Reader Books;  Level 2 Reading with Help Publisher:  ZonderKidz When I see ZonderKidz, I take notice. I have purchased many books from ZonderKidz in the past and have never been disappointed. I love the quality and the interwoven faith in the [...]

Hands On History Book: Letters for Freedom

Book: Letters for Freedom: The Civil War Published by: Innovative Kids Age Recommendation: 8 and up Use: To enhance history lessons. Type: Hands-on Homeschool Method: Any Book Synopsis: The past comes alive with this jam-packed, interactive book that puts history in context as it describes every moment of the Civil War, from its causes to [...]

Nature in Your Pocket

Waterford Press has a tagline that says, “Putting the World in Your Pocket.” With Waterford Press it is amazing just how much of the world you can fit into your pocket. You can store information about animal tracks, the cosmos, plants, wildlife and more right in your back pocket. These naturalist pocket guides are durable, [...]

Considering God’s Creation

At a Glance Product: Considering God's Creation published by Eagle's Wings Educational Products Age Level:  2nd thru 7th (adaptable curriculum) Use:  Stand alone science curriculum (36 lessons) or a nice supplement for the notebooking side of science. Teacher Prep: Minimum to Moderate/Cut and Paste Format:  Workbook, Teacher's Manual and CD (Workbook is filled with cut [...]