Apologia: A Light for My Path Review

Light to My Path Review | The Curriculum Choice

Ever see a book that looks wonderful but you just want to see inside it before you buy?  Let me take you inside a lovely little book published by Apologia Press: A Light for my Path by Davis Carman. It is such a lovely little picture book and has so much more in it than meets the [...]

The Global Puzzle Review

The Global Puzzle Review- The Curriculum Choice

Memorizing random geography facts is never fun, at least it was never fun for me. So when I think of geography I like to add hands on activities to our homeschool. Puzzles and games are extra fitting for learning geography. It's not that there isn't a time for simply memorizing, there is. But I prefer to [...]

Raddish Kitchen Science Box

Raddish Kitchen Science Box thumbnail

How delighted I was when I opened our Kitchen Science Box from Raddish. I love to cook and my son does too. I've always considered cooking with my kids part of their homeschooling. I like teaching them measuring and how to cook as a natural part of our homeschool experience. But what's a mom to [...]

Stack the States {Kindle App}

Stack the States {Kindle App} thumbnail

Did you know that Tennessee is nicknamed the "volunteer state"? Can your child identify his states and capitals with ease? What about the state flags, any of those looking familiar?  States and capitals are something we want our kids to know. But, we don't want to make a big fuss over it and have it [...]

Homeschool in the Woods: Hands On History Artists Activity Pak

Homeschool in the Woods: Hands On History Artists Activity Pak thumbnail

"Hands-on" is the perfect description for this product because there really isn't much reading and text except for what is presented when doing the activities. That makes it ideal for the tactile learner. You can first do the learning projects and activities of your choice and then later use them to build the lapbook. The [...]

Charlie and Noel: An Advent Calendar Story

Charlie and Noel: An Advent Calendar Story thumbnail

It's time to break out those Advent Calendars and count down to Christmas. But instead of chocolates, why not count down with a charming story? Charlie and Noel: An Advent Calendar Story by Franziska Macur is a personal and inviting approach to preparing our hearts for the Christmas season. One objective the Lord has placed [...]

Home Field Advantage by Skyla King-Christison

Home Field Advantage by Skyla King-Christison thumbnail

Over the years trial and error got me where I needed to be for applying methods in order to be the most effective teacher for my learner. But oh how I wish I had had Home Field Advantage  just given to me from the beginning! I have homeschooled for over 12 years. I first started [...]

Gardens Unit Study by Amanda Bennett

Gardens Unit Study by Amanda Bennett thumbnail

Using Gardens by Amanda Bennett this summer has added the academic component I needed to compliment our garden project. It has four wonderful weeks worth of study to complete which made it a perfect study for our summer homeschool.  I would summarize them for you as: What is a Garden? History of Gardens: The Garden [...]