Adventures with Atoms and Molecules

Formal science is always a bit iffy around our place.  Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.  It's the experiments that get me--we read lots of science-related books--but science experiments can be troublesome.  There are all of those ingredients to gather; there is all of that mess to clean up. This year, thanks to Susan [...]

LightHome Publications Penmanship Books

I like handwriting books.  They make life simple:  Get out the book, turn to the page, write, put the book away.  Repeat until the book is finished. This year, though, I decided that the shipping and handling on my favorite handwriting book was outrageous.  I refused to do it. What’s a homeschool mama to do?  [...]

Native American Legends by Terri Cohlene and Charles Reasoner thumbnail

While perusing the library's database in search of books about Native Americans, I discovered a wonderful little series of Native American legends written by Terri Cohlene and illustrated by Charles Reasoner.  There are six titles in the series.  Each presents a legend and a different tribe of Native Americans. Clamshell Boy is a Makah legend [...]

Living Memory: A Classical Memory Work Companion

Living Memory:  A Classical Memory Work Companion thumbnail

If you have read many of my other reviews you already know that I like for things to be easy.  If they aren't easy, I at least don't want them to be a ton of work for me.  After all, my inner educator proclaims, this is their education, not mine!  This of course is true [...]

History Through the Ages Timeline CDs

History Through the Ages Timeline CDs thumbnail

Timelines appeal to me. They aid visual, kinesthetic, spatial, and logical thinkers. What’s not to love? Well, the work of putting together a visually appealing, cohesive, historically-accurate timeline, for one. How about the time it takes to find all of those little pictures? What about deciding which dates to include? What about figuring out how [...]

Poetry for Young People

Poetry for Young People thumbnail

"I dwell in Possibility/A fairer house than Prose,/More numerous of windows,/Superior of doors."                                                     Emily Dickinson, "I dwell in Possibility" Poetry is a flexible area of study.  It can be studied on its own, and for its own merit.  On the other hand, born of cultural, historical, and personal experience, poetry can enhance the study of any [...]

Life Lessons: Sponsor a Child

Life Lessons:  Sponsor a Child thumbnail

Our family sponsors two children with Compassion International. It isn't exactly a curriculum, but my family is receiving an education through it. The educational benefits are numerous: 1. Geography becomes a real, living subject rather than a flat, oddly shaped spot on a globe. Someone lives there! Someone who writes you letters! You send letters [...]

At some point last year I read about Seeds CDS. Although they received glowing reviews, I thought that at $12.98 apiece they were a bit on the pricey side. I was wrong. They are worth every single penny. Seeds Family Worship CDs contain delightful, powerful songs created using the words of scripture. The songs are [...]